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Hunter Zero Ep.2

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Author Comments


I know episode 3 hast taken too long to come out but there's a good reason, i had started working on it but last month My computer got a virus and erased everything on my HD, i have started working on it and i hope i can get it out as soon as possible. thank you

Note: Slow computers turn quality to medium...
Finally...here's the second episode of Hunter Zero 2...I think it's a big improvement over episode one, this is my first movie that has voice acting and won't be the last.

Regardless of the score, i want to thank all the guys who helped me with the voice acting, they all did a great job and i hope they will help me with future episodes. Please vote and review only after you've seen all of it..it's around 8 minutes long...Thank you!



I didn't really like this one. I've seen all your stuff but this one didn't do a thing for me. The fight scenes were awesome but it seems to me your starting to copy alot of other ppl's styles but not totaly nailing it. Also that "suprise" at the end seemed alittle bit out of charactor for your flashes. I dunno i think you tried to go in too many different directions on this one. Also the "sentamental" moment between Megaman and Protoman, that didnt really go together either, the music was a poor choise and the "suprise" sucked.

CheveLoco responds:

copy people's styles?...i dont know whose style i'm copying..i started with my own style and have worked to make it better with every flash i make...i dont know why you think i went into many different directions when the story barely "moved" on this one...again wheter you like the soundtrack or not i think it's more of a personal taste...

Good, but can WAY better

Okay you are like the number one animator when it comes to Megaman sprite flashes....well, like the only one that actually makes something decent.

Anyway, it's very good but I know you can better. Here are some things that I know you can fix without some mayor changes to your flashing:
1.When making flashy titles (Hunter Zero title or your logo) make it on a black background instead of just cutting just the text, it looks rather stupid else.

2.Use the same type sprites good dammit. You can't first have a Megaman 7 Rush jetsuit and then a Power Battles Megaman. Yes I know they have poses that is needed for showing some emotions. But it tends to look ugly. Make your own sprites or make a request on Bob and George or some other forums if you can't sprite. The 32 bit Zero homever is granted. The Zero resistance members looks VERY misplaced in this flash, they look small and are way diffrent in looks.
And NEVER EVER NO QUESTION use the Bass.exe sprites, they may look cool but they look horrible with the other. Use his Treble boost or his normal 32-bit sprites instead of that horrific thing. Let it me strange that he changes from that to the other, but nobody likes the exe sprites togehter with the others I can assure you.

3. Don't stretch backgrounds, that MM7 intro nackground look stupid when stretched.

Anyway, hope the next one comes soon.

CheveLoco responds:

1-is not even a black background...it's a transapernt background..when exporting the movie it's the way the image comes out...so u cant blame me for that one..

2-this is not like Mario Bros where you can find all the sprites of all the characters in 8 bit, 16 bit etc...i pick sprites that i believe look like they are from the same game...i am not too fond of custom sprites..it'll never look like an original one....i do the best i cant and I KNOW is not the best sometimes...about Bass like i said before i am trying to add some twists to a story most Megaman fans know already...it makes it harder cuz i gotta make it interesting for them..the reason why i didnt use the treble boost or his 32 bit version was mainly cuz i have used them twice before(this is a follow up to another of my series)

3-Again i try to work with what i have...that MM7 background was partially edited by me..even the color so it would fit my settings...watch both episodes and u'll see that i edited all the backgrounds in one way or the other to keep them fresh and different instead of the usual background just ripped from the game..

thanx for the review..i take it into consideration but i hope you realize i do the best i can with the stuff i find

great but one thing...

i don't really like the voices it just doesn't fit in. Othervise it was just Great! keep upp the good work you're a master at this.

CheveLoco responds:

i think so far the voices it's an either you love them or hate them thing

That was pretty good...

Sweet animation. Liked the fact that there was voices so I dont have to click boxes like most sprite films! Go do the 3rd one!

This was time consuming

Dude...this took you forever to make but it was damn good. DAMMIT man...the ending was another cliffhanger...you're pretty good at that...keep doing it.

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Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2004
7:23 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place November 7, 2004