FFantasy 7 T.E. Trailer !

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I wanted to submit to newgrounds Alpha but it ignored my file so why dont i upload it just here? Its just a peek for ya guys how this is going to be!

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bad art,and movements,and animation.

sure,the way it set up,the fell,the concept,everything is superb,but the art and animation needs work on. and also,wasn't that the tower from final fantasy8? wtf is that doing in final fantasy 7?

yeah,make it maybe... i dunno,keep the other stuff,work on the art.

it'd maybe help if you based your character art not on how the characters look IN GAME,but how thje original concept art,and
stuff was done,that'd help. (y'know,the characters didn't look
all blocky and looked anime swtyle,so don't draw what they look
like in the game,draw the anime versions that the in game
versions were based off of. duh.)

other than that,the feel and everything was great,but the way
vincent ran into them and the blast he left and crap was terrible.

work on all of that,THEN release it. and only then.


Well i love ff7 there...nuff said...

It was alright

pretty good, but, where's the suspence?

What the?

you didn't fix the characters did ya XD
eh would've looked better if the party leader cloud was infront as I said, and it would be nice if you would add me to authors since the story came from me.

and to beefychicken or whatever his name is, I wrote the story, you haven't seen the movie, so shut up will you?

Thanks, now that is said, I hope to talk again soon ><
and fix the characters

rowan-studios responds:

May the fuck i ask?

Who the fuck you are?

A Tempting Trailer

This was a great improvement over your last FFVII submission: graphics, sound, the whole kit-n'-kaboodle. I enjoyed the premise of the film, and I'm itching to see Vincent's motivation. The introduction's grammar still needed a little work, and the progression buttons on the dialogue boxes seemed a little awkward, but I'm looking forward to the final product. Keep up the good work.

rowan-studios responds:

Woh00t thnx or your fine review .. Exuse me for the long vincent attack.. My storywriter thought it was a good idea to place buttons instead of watching the text boxes for 5 seconds so all my layers screwed up thats why vincent runs a bit longher than planned .. This was just a trailer though ill see when this will be finished im working on another ff7 project with the same style thnx for ur review!

Greatz Rowan

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Nov 6, 2004
6:53 AM EST
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