Monsters: The Game

November 5, 2004 –
September 20, 2011
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Author Comments

This is the latest version of the game Monsters. The goal of the game is to guide monsters into traps while avioding them yourself. I've worked on this for a few years, on and off.

Please Vote and Review so i can further improve.

Also, a full downloadable platform version of Monsters with 70 levels and saveing progress is available for Free at www.playmonsters.com



very good game :)

this was amazing. i think it is the best game i have ever played on newgrounds. I am addicted to this game! i just cant stop playing! This was really cool. You are a master of flash.


O_O wow. Incredibly well thought out, and the only real problem is (it's been said before, and I'll say it again, so help me) that's it's sloooow. And I'm stuck on l.6!

I liked creating my own level.

it was a bit slow but it were good all the same-nice work!

That was really fun :P and addictive.

funny shit i get to kill food everyone dies

Good game to past the time really really slowly. The main dude does look like a penis all shriveled up and it's ohh so cute with it's tiny legs ... Either way, good concept and decent music, not much else to say.
P.S. By luck, I beat level 4 on the first try, took me 15 minutes for the him to walk there. Just kidding, it was more like 13, tops >:-P

The only flaws I saw were it went really slow, I mean really really slow, Not very exicting, also for the blocks where you can't go you should make them look a bit better, they are currently a little to simple

Impressive. The controls are suprisingly simplistic. Keep up the good work, I hope to see some more stuff from you.

could have been better if i wasn't the only thing moving slower then regular in i think level 8. I gave up then cause that got really annoying.

i gave your sound a 3 because it kept sounding like my comp jammed.
other than that it was excellent.
the key stage took me 2 trys.

THat may be the best video game on the web. I love the oart where you can design your own levels

The graphics were a little odd considering you look like a penishead on two legs. But the game concept is very original and the levels are diverse and enjoyable. Fun GAME! :) WELL DONE

An average game, with those programming skills you could make a better one.

dos games are fun

Great game!!! Had a lot of fun palying it!!
I'm not surprise this is on front page!

Nice Job!

nice but as someone pionted out this is not really a newgrounds type of game (because it does not include violence/humour/ or most importantly, sex.)

none the less, good job and keep the good work up!

Very good. That is somthing I would expect to have to buy in a game bundle thing... Not free on NG...

that was really fun! and i really liked the sound

ive seen some games like this but i ddnt find this that good...
pls improve gameplay.

Though no very innovative, it was better than some of the crap I've seen before.

just good

It seems like a nice game and I almost feel guilty about typing this, but whereas levels 1 and 2 were almost too easy and level 3 a nice introduction, after level 4 (which seemed to just be a case of trial and error) the game seemed to turn into a real bitch from hell.

I just couldn't finish level 5, gave up and managed to cheat past, complete level 6 (after many attempts) and then again got stuck at level 7. It seems as if you give folk in these levels 0 margin for error, forcing them to do it again and again until it's perfect.

It just seems that you should give folk more of a learning curve, rather than a sudden cliff-face of near-insurmountable difficulty.

Of course, judging by previous reviews I may be in the minority with this one. But the opinion remains.

Kudos for including a level editor! Addicitive game with clever puzzle scenarios. Only main complaint is the super-loud sound when you step in an exit door.

what an addicting game lol

GREAT JOB! That's by far the best mini game i've ever played! Just like old school! Extremely addicting and a complete waste of time hehe... Once again excellent game! Thanks much!

because this deserves a 19990090909!!!

Gameplay 10;
Creative 10;

Interesting and amusing puzzle game.
Would make great classical arcade game.
Best puzzle game played since Pac-Man.

Add more mini-games and better story.
Add monster creator.
Make AI smarter and with awareness of traps.
Add trap designer.
Add level customizer.
Give monsters personality and humor.
Add campaign mode, add map to allow player to choose where to trap monsters, add rewards system.
Add consequence system so that if player chooses location A over location B, location B may become a new monster haven.
Allow player to sell trapped monster to monster dealer and trade monsters for better traps.

It's safe to say that this is one of the best, serious movies on Newgrounds.
This was really, really, good! Great graphics, some great sound quality, a unique, original style, violent for sure, a minor ounce of humour, as well as interactivity.
It has some of everything, and is superb in 3 of the 6 aspects.
Great, just great!

Level 11 is too hard, I just can't do it. I'll try a bit more, but I think I'm just gonna give up on that. I love strategy/puzzle games! Keep up the good work.

i dunno i just don't find it al that gud too boring, ont enough action

That's kirby isn't it?!!? Good game and really like the gameplay! Wasn't jsut run away from the monster!

it was alright, but it was pretty difficult

stinking tough that game was ruff.

I can't knock the actual game, it worked fine and was good for a flash. Not my type at all but I can see alot of effort went into it, it was easy up until level 6; it was too hard to avoid the creatures,in 1 second you had 3 of them right on you spitting fire balls. But it was well made and kept me entertained whilst I played it.

sorry but it was pretty crappy.

The game is too G-Rated. It needs some blood, gore, and profanity.

Not too Shabby hehe Although the music got really annoying but it was alright. The graphics n such was god too so it was good don't listen to those dumbass who says its an awful game some people liked it n some don't =D anyways Keep it up =D

what kind of ass licking shit are you?cool storyline and all that bull shit but when I shoot 17 times miss all of them and I'm stcuk between 1 guy on my right and 2 on my left and I cant hit them and they hit me every time all I can say is YOU STUPID MORON! raise at least the chance of fucking hiting when you shoot at a guy 6 times and then finnaly the last bullet hits

But I know I could do no better so I cant talk.

That was crap and thats all I have to say!

good game
annoying sound after awhile
'nuff said

The only problem is the sound, which gets annoying after a few minutes. Also, what am I suppost to do to kill the last blue guy on lvl 9, the one with 3 hearts in his room.

it was alright. the music got annoying after a good 30 seconds.

I liked it, but little things let it down, like sound and graphics; otherwise, very entertaining, well done!

Great Game If You Want To Kill Some Time. I liked it

This game kept me amused for over 20 minutes, which is a lot longer than most games on Newgrounds. The music could have been better though, but other than that it was quite good.

I liked the game, personally. The only real problem I think I can think of is the music. It sounded sloppy and a tad crappy, but this is just my opinion. The movement was a little slow on the key levels as well (such as level four).

Not a bad game, but not the best way to spend free time.

I don't think this should have really been on the front page. Sure, it's an excellent game, but I couldn't spot even one difference between this one and your last one. I may be wrong, but it looks like you just submitted the same thing twice and called this one a newer version.

level 5 is freakin hard! what the heck!....stupid fast monsters...must be defeated!!

It's a fine game and all, but it's a little boring. I like the way you remade it, though. Very nice. The music was a little dull, too. I felt like I was going to fall asleep.

Nothin new but a nice remake of an old fashioned Game.
Overall nice work.


you look like a bellend on legs but its a pritty gd game

intresting concept i must admit, controls simple to understand, the object is easy and i love the custom lvl editor feature

Looking forward to furture projects


I thought that this was pretty cool and I liked the idea of it. It was sort of like pacman but it was better. I thought the level editor was also a great idea so keep it up!

I found this to be really good, as the controls are easy to understand, the concept is simple and sweet and the difficulty level ranges from really easy levels, to very challenging level. The problems I had with the game were few and far between. The sound could be improved a bit, (IMHO) because I grew tired quickly of the songs, and also I noticed a bit of lag, not on level 3 especially, but level 9, but that might just be my computer.

nice job, is the main charactrer from a game coz i think it is,..... not sure

how do i get thru level 4
i cant find a fourth yellow key

not a bad game. original idea, or one i don't know about... anyway, I have a question, is there a way past lvl 9? normally i'm pretty good at these types of games, but every time i get the first fireball dude into my goo he shoots a fireball at me right as he dies, and there's no where i can go, what's up with that?


if you ever playe dthe old nintendio class teh adventures of lolo you will noticed the strikeing diffrence, only this is more like lolo on crack!

basicly you use your little pink dude to trap monster dudes and get to the next lv. which also reminds me of Boombers adventure askmix world for the Game Boy.

one o them games where you can just kill an afternoon

didnt get to play it long,but it was a pretty cool game

level 11....you will be beaten..... rrrrr....yes..yes...NO......cmon.....NO....NONONONONO......
................. yes...YE..NO!!!......ARRRGG......(pause to write review).......STOP FIRING SO CLOSE TO MEEEEEE.....NOO....yesyes..no!......hmph....(closes game to go to bed)

Man that game was hard. Can't make it passed lvl 8. Nice work. Hope to see more.

this is a great game the key lvl gave me a bit of trouble but i managed to beat the game :) keep makin this maker good job!

thats a pretty fun game it dose get a lil boring after a while tho but i still liked it especly the level editor great job

Very entertaining, loved the sprites. I managed to finish all 11 levels after 2 hours (DAM LEVEL 9 and 11!!!) lol, great game keep it up *thumbs up*

It's pretty nice the fact that you lure the monsters to do inside the acids and you have different abilities. Quite addicting! Great Job.

Before I say anything else, I'd like to state that I really enjoyed this game - the mechanics worked well enough to make it a fun puzzle game. I thought the last level was particularly clever, and I liked the fact that it required a bit of thought to get through; Keep in mind, however, that I actually like these kind of games. It's certainly understandable that some people found this frustrating - the framerate was easily the most attrocious aspect, and the "zoom in" slowdown really did bring a game whose genre is naturally slow-paced down to a nightmarish crawl on occasion. And with my poor video card, even low quality doesn't really help much when the screen is panning. My other complaint is that there really isn't any ending, at all - it just restarts. I dunno, it just feels a bit empty, I guess =/

Apart from all that, I think you did a good job making the engine - the custom level option was a pretty decent throw-in. I'm sure an improved sequel would be warmly welcomed ^_^

pretty good, couldnt figure out the key level but anywho, decent game

The shooters should be limited, otherise you just go through certain lvl's hoping that they won't be cheap. For instance, once they go in the goo they shouldn't be able to shoot.

too slow and it gets boring really fast.. sry man... maby if he had like weapons or sumtin to fire and kill enemies...

not bad, but gameplay is too slow, and gets boring quickly. And the zoomed in level is level 4, not 3.

Ok great game except for the IMPOSSIBLE lvl 11.
If anyone I mean ANYONE pases lvl 11 you will truly get my TRUE RESPECT as I think its near impossible. I am the sort of person who finnish any game I start, ANY game I start ive finished it, flash or retail. Yet THIS is the only game that I played and couldnt finish.
Very sad, after 3 hours of playing lvl 11 beat me down.

Man, nice game. Smart. I've got a question, though - did you use Guitar Pro files for the backround music, 'cause it looks like it...

if you were to update this, just make it faster paced please

it was good except i got bored after a while and its to slow

wow that was a great game! it was a nice puzzle game, with an element of action

5/5 nice job!!!

game was fun, but the steering the lil pink dude with the arrow keys is a bit sluggish

That is the greatest game in the history of games!

as a game designer myself, I have a few tips for helping make your game more immersive. First, nothing breaks immersion more than acknowledging you are only playing a game IN the game... rather than telling the rules of the game as if it is a game, make the rules and instructions PART of the game... simply by adding a narrator who is part of the game can help this.. Oh, young squishy thing, you have set free the marshmellows of doom, use the arrow keys to move and this or that to do this.. watch out for the enemies that do this... or add a level of adventure by not explaining how to defeat the enemies at all.. just motion and such...

also, while the music in the game is alright, I don't know if it fits in with the style of the game play... sounds more megaman than cute marshmallow doods.. I'd be willing to work with you on the music if you ask nicely.

As for the concept of the game... its very dull.. I'd like to see an opening movie to also aid in the immersion.. something ala LoLo where you have your guy then he pours the bowl and BLAST there are these monsters growing... you know.. not really animated.. just tweened.. all old school like. Feel free to e-mail me for more in-depth critiques and help and such.... might even have a spot for you on a team of game developers I am putting together. dampee@earthlink.net

Good luck with the game.

Cool concept, sorta like Pacman in an alternate universe. My only complaints: right before a level starts its hard to tell where your character is on the screen; perhaps have him visible but the level could be just black, then it fades in. Also the controls are a bit unresponsive, but that may have been intentional. Overall, though this is a great game. You rock man.

it was fun...for a few minutes...but then it got kinda boring

level 4 sucks


Not really my type of game...nice though.

cool game, but i couldnt get past level 4


Its a nice game, but it has lots of glitches, lots of them are in Custom Mode, while warping, if the caracter touches another Warp, he will go to the other warps destination.

the music gets boring sometime, maybe do a music jukebox?

Like one of the posts said, the high frame rate make the game sloppy! try to arrange that plz.

Nice game though ^^

(ACK! im beeing attacked by my dog T_T)

i love the music, hahahahahahahhah


wtf i cant get them in the goopit without getting killed

i really liked the graphics... the little guys reminded me of pacman alot. The sound was great i could listen to it without wanting to turn it off. I agree that the lag on the key lvl sucks maybe you can fix that or something.... But besides all that this is a fun and nice game.

This was cool but the lag in that key level sucked.

it sucks.so your fired cos the bigboss1 said so

Good job, nice game.

it was pretty good but it was a bit slow

I loved this 'trapping the monsters' game! It was very original and the character you controlled reminded me of the ghosts in pac-man a bit and the whole game reminds me of a beloved old game i played years ago. A ncie addictive game as the traps were a lovely addition, well done!

You have just been reviewed by

I liked this game because of the idea, the traps was a cool idea and keeps me entertained, some more options and more traps would be great, file size is just right for the amout of play it offers, nice work, keep it up...


sucks bad the game lag thats it sucks i dont care if you get me banned our what ever its just badddddddddddddd sorry man jsut bad

I thought the game was pretty good, I especially liked how you could create your own levels. Very nice touch. Overall good job.

yay! how addictive is that game? very! that music rules!

I liked the first few levels the graphics were good (I liked how you did the exit portals, very nice) and the actual game play was good. The slowdown in the (I think) third level (with all the keys) made that level virtually unplayable. Perhaps it might be caused by having to deal with processing the background as you scroll (shrug)

this game might have been better if say it was plagued by horrible slowdown. When and if u fix that, ill try again. Although if i were u id hate me and want me to no longer live.

This game kinda reminded of a game i once played ot freearcade called flea circus, where you had to lead the fleas to the exit using various objects, i found it a lil addictive, as so was this game also. the only problem i had with it was that in the close up levels, the game slowed down alot while moving across the edjes of the screen. also, the characters could have been made to look alot better. tweek those two problems, and all my 5 r belong to this. good work.

Compliments of tha one and only Evil Genius


I like! Really I do, but I wish it was a little faster paced, and by the way didnt you submit this to the portal a couple days ago? Anyway, good work but...Faster pace would help out a lot.

Well I would have given it a ten but that music was ANNOYING.

was cool! . i guess . except for the little pink dude..... shouldve made him better!

man that was so fun! hahah. it was pretty much a well advanced version of Pacman, except i dont think i could enjoy it to its full potential, as i have a slow computer, so it lagged quite a bit whilst playing. but still, very fun. good tactics had to be used, and it made for a great game.

I didn't find any bugs, it really seems to be a game of quality!
I think it compare with some of the games they used to charge money for. :)

ga ga ga

I liked the game but it's still buggy. Even after being untouched in the first level, your life goes down to 2 hearts in the second level. Then it goes down to one in the third, if still untouched. It makes it tougher from then on, because you don't have any extra chances. One hit, and you're dead. I also walked right through the fire-shooting monster a few times.

Good work and effort overall.

Nice job. Only problem is you might want to try making the sounds have all the same volume. Very proffesional.

Working on something for a long time really does pay off, huh? Very nice!

really cool game, i didn't really know how to beat the third level. But the whole concept of a monster following you and you trying to make it go into that puddle of gooze is such a great idea. this was very fun.


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