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Final Fantasy quiz 2 V2.0

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Nov 5, 2004 | 3:39 PM EST

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Author Comments

Im sorrry bout the file size but it is a much bigger quiz then before, the questiosn are the same and most of the things are fixed and there are as promised extras. If anyone has any designs or questions they would like to see in the next quiz email me them, and please dont coment on my spelling



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hm..its ok

ff10 section:
first question, should b "How many times is Tidus' name said throughout the whole game?"

question 5 - "Excalibur" and its "mythril" or "mithril", not "mithral"

question 6 - only an apostrophe (') if your saying it owns something, or along those lines "the chocobo's feather fell off"

10-2 section:
q1 - not actually a sphere of tidus, looks like him tho

q5 - brocken? broken

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good quiz, but there are some issues...

Apologies for being so picky and irritating but I can't really help it.

Main screen
>Category, not catagory, though it is an easy mistake to make...
>Really you should put VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2.

>Why the capital D for "Where does Aeris Die"?
>Doesn't give much away does it? (Rolls eyes).
>"City of the Ancients" is better than "city of the ancients".
>Again capital D, and also "origionally"? It's "originally"!
>Another common error, Barrett has a double "t" at the end.
>Who is "Sephiroph"? I've heard of "Sephiroth" though.
>It should also be AVALANCHE really, but i might let you off there...
>Capital W on what, capital T for Tifa!
>You seem to have said "n junon ?" Try "in Junon?"
>Also it's Force Stealer, and you should really say Shiva materia.
>And "Four Slots" not "4 Slots".
>Gold Saucer not golden saucer. And what's a "Crator"?
>More capital letter mistakes in this question! Especially "cloud".
>"town of coal"? "origionally" isn't an easy spelling, I admit...
>"quizes"? Shouldn't it be "quizzes"?

>Orphanage probably shouldn't have a capital, but "zell" should.
>Again, including Cid as an option can be confusing...
>Quistis's surname needs a capital T, as does Edea's forename.
>Again, Level 8 and 9 are GF, character cards are level 10 ones.
>It's character; there's no second "h". Also, it's GF not Gf.
>"Squall's" not "squals". What does "the any" mean? Also, "field".
>Who the hell is "Quintes"? Do you mean "Quistis"?
>"Squall and Rinoa", not "squal and rinoa"!
>"Draw Point", although I'd be happy with "draw point".
>Plurals for Chicobo and Moogle, and they shouldn't have capitals.
>"Junk Shop", and why have you done capitals for "Buy Cards"?
>Also "what" needs a capital.
>More capital errors, but the Curse question is otherwise good.
>"quizes" again.

>More capital letters! Also, it's "Burmecia" not "Bermecia".
>The Bonus thing is present from the start of the quiz...
>"Zidanes" needs a possesive apostrophe (i.e. "Zidane's").
>Again, doesn't give much away does it?
>It's oglop, and what do you mewan, "ogloop master"?
>"Regnet" is a form of the german verb "to rain". It's "Regent".
>Also, "Queen Brahne" not "Queen Bahne".
>"trance" should really have a capital...
>It's spelt "Thief". And it should be "Steal" anyway.
>It's "Eidolons", "Garnet's". It's raining in Germany again...
>Okay, but it doesn't really "give" it to him...
>Possessive apostrophe, "Mithril" unless that's deliberate...
>"quizes" AGAIN!

>"Many" should have no capital, "tidus" should.
>How many "names" does Tidus have?
>Capital letters for "What", "Tidus" and "Sphere Grid"...
>Healer fills the gauge when you heal allies, not yourself.
>And it's a mode, not the actual Overdrive Gauge.
>"Stoic" not "Stotic"
>Capitals again. Not really "the" Brotherhood. Several misspellings.
>Chocobos should have no apostrophe. Stop putting "u".
>The voice actor question is a bit mean...capitals again!
>Double check the names. Just to be on the safe side.
>Learn how to spell "quizzes"!

>It's not of Tidus. I'll say no more though, for those who read this...
>"How" and "Gippal".
>"AP" and stop using "u". This is a quiz, not a chat!
>More capitals, also "tattoo". What is "brocken"?
>"Leblanc" again.
>Capital letter for Rikku.
>"quizzes" not "quizes"!

>The music is okay, but maybe try having a choice.
>Or have music from the respective games for each quiz.
>Make the music loop, it gets boring once it stops.
>The music overlaps if you get a question wrong.
>Maybe add a few more questions.

Sorry about this; it's a good quiz. I've only made it look bad by picking on just about every little error in the whole thing. However, you don't seem to actually have any of the question answers wrong, except for the Character/GF cards one in FFVIII. Mainly spelling, punctuation, grammar that's the problem. Overall good.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I'm going to have to agree with most people about the mistakes and the music ..... eww that hurt, not to be mean or anything but you ruined a great theme song. Download it next time you can get it in many places


Rated 2 / 5 stars


the ff9 questipons were too easy and alot of the others were wrong. (just like the guy before said) and half of the things in the ff9 quiz were spelt wrong too.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

well now...

okay, to the last comment, it wasnt aeris' death music, it was her overall theme, half of the questions on there are wrong (such as"who is the oglop master", whereas cid IX isn't the olglop master, he's the regent of lindblum, who happens to be an oglop.)
Dude, the music sucked ass, i love aeris' theme but the notes were all wrong. the question about tidus' name is wrong and the question about cloud beating sephiroth takes place deep within the life stream.
For shame....

frosen-shadow responds:

actually if you play him at cards he is described as the ogloop master