Pixelville Pensioners

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EDIT: hints page up at
EDIT 2: Woohoo! NG Homepage!
The result of many months of work, Pixelville Pensioners is a graphic adventure game using ZX spectrum graphics and sound effects!

This will bring back some memories for some people!

Music by myself and Samba Lucas



What the fuck do you use the sack of donkeys for.

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gavD responds:

Have you tried the tips page?

You have to give them to somebody ... somebody hard to reach...

Yea woo woo!

This is the best adventure game i've played on newgrounds!!! but i'm stuck and the hints dont help! where do u get the drill?

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gavD responds:

Who would be likely to have a drill? Someone who works in a mine, perhaps?

Whoo! Beat it :P

Altough I did use the tips. Damn, some of those things would have taken me forever to realize. Anyways, its a pretty big game for a flash. I'm considering using that little system you've got all made out sometime :P Only time will tell...

gavD responds:

There are already 7 or 8 people who have requested the engine! I'm going to mail it out on Monday or Tuesday - I'll knock together a very small example game first so hopefully people will be able to make even better games than this one!

I'm doing this on trust; I've spent around 100 hours building this game, which is why I'm mailing the engine out individually rather than open sourcing it as such, and I want to make sure it's used for good, not for evil! :D

Nice game... Real stylish like...

very nicely done, and a history lesson for some people... And the Young ones reference wasn't lost on everyone, either :P...

Nicely done... a few minor bugs like occasionally getting stuck at the top of the screen. other than that, nice quick and interesting.

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gavD responds:

Ha ha! Glad someone spotted the YO reference.

Yes, the "stuck at the top" bug exists, but I didn't try to correct it - I decided it was kind of cute and it didn't prevent progress.


eh. didnt like it too much.
the music got kinda annoying after a while so i quit playing.

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gavD responds:

You can switch the music off by clicking the track cycler in the bottom right. Chuck a CD on or something. I recommend the Cramps or the Misfits.

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3.73 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2004
11:54 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click