Pixelville Pensioners

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EDIT: hints page up at
EDIT 2: Woohoo! NG Homepage!
The result of many months of work, Pixelville Pensioners is a graphic adventure game using ZX spectrum graphics and sound effects!

This will bring back some memories for some people!

Music by myself and Samba Lucas


Good Stuff...

I love these kind of games... no fighting or violence just pure brain power... and the occasional spasm you get when irretated and you just start clicking everywhere. Not many games can hold my interest for more than 10 mins, but this game sure did. I was sad when I finshed it... it took me around 12 mins I think. Dissapointed with my time I hang my head in shame. I just couldn't figure out what the hell them damn donkeys where for lol. Then it hit me... what a major brain fart that was... Anyway, great game!!! :)

gavD responds:

Good job Meta4iklySpeakin - 12 minutes is faster than most to be honest! I still get a lot of emails asking about this game, 9 months after its release! I'm glad people can see beyond its graphics.

The sequel is well underway and is shaping up nicely. I've not coded anything on it lately but have designed a whole lot of new rooms and puzzles for it. It will be a longer game and have some tougher puzzles. Hopefully Samba Lucas will return on the soundtrack (he's up for it), and also Stu Birney is going to contribute some exclusive acoustic tracks - should be a good 'un!

tell me!!!!

its really good!!!!!!!! can u give an estimate for wen pixleville 2 comes out?????

gavD responds:

I could have Pixelville 2 finished in a couple of weeks. The problem is that I've lost contact with the artist who was going to do some of the backgrounds for me - he's not answering any emails. I'm a bit worried about him to be honest.

Loved it!

This was fun. I'm both proud and disappointed with myself . Proud for not looking at the reviews, disappointed for taking 33:27 to beat it. I loved the old school feel and the little gags here and there. I eagerly await Pixelville II.

gavD responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Pixelville II is well underway, and it's a little larger than the first one...


im stuck. can u plz help me ???
i have an tp aƩnd a drill plz help me further !

gavD responds:

There are some hints on my webpage:


2m 28secs

i just clicked everywhere..im impatient very good game if i hadnet have had a clicking fit i would never have found the dam stick and jar...stick to the woods and if you need a jar forget the car check out the profs lab shelfs -.- hehe

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gavD responds:

Nice tips Wizard! Suitably cryptic!

Pixelville 2 is well underway, it's retaining the engine and retro charm of the first one but with a really surprising twist...

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3.73 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2004
11:54 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click