Discovering Atlantis

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Created this animation as a final piece for my art studies at school, by visualising a classical piece of music.
Alot of people really enjoyed watching it, so I thought I'd share it!
- Aware it's really short, but am currently working on second part to this animation...
- Credit to the composer is a bit too hidden at the end sorry guys, will fix that. His name is Ralph Vaughn Williams, and this piece is "Sinfonia Antartica"...


Good job!

You should be a professional animator.

awesome short

very, very nice stuff. really good graphics, and there was heaps of them too. many, many different sea animals, and all of the scenery was well drawn, also.
the animation was good aswell, and it was pretty smooth. in addition, the song went well with the movie, and i think that you've made a great little short.


You did a wonderful job in depth and all the different veiws, next to the octopus, under the sharks, behind the ship with bubbles flying in your face. I'm very impressed ^.^

Good, really good!

I've always been fascinated by Atlantis and I would like to go search for it myself. But as you may know, people don't know exactly where it is situated and it would lie deep enough.

But concerning this flash, it was short and powerful. Nice job.


Wow this was a pretty unique flash - No one has ever done atlantis before and this nice and beautiful style makes a nice chnage from the normal blood n violence you usually see on newgrounds :) I have never seen atlantis but thanks to this i will amke sure I do. Graphcis were lovely and the music fitted perfectly. My only ocmplaint would be that the music someitmes jerked and in the whole thing nothbing really happened. But beautiful and relaxing stuff man, well done!

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3.35 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2004
10:51 AM EST
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