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sure hes a sitcom star by day, but what by night?

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that was preatty okay

just a bit to over spoken like the dollor sign on the bag its slightly obvious


Entertaining in a weird kind of way. The selection of sounds was good, but the way they were put together was very... erm... amateur. Maybe that was deliberate...? Graphics/animation were OK at the start, but went downhill rather sharply. Humour: didn't really tickle me, but I can see it appealing to some people.

OK movie, lots of room for improvement.

Pretty funny.

I think that this could have been shortened a little bit, but all the right things are in the movie. Action, Great Music, Good vs. Evil, etc.

I would request you work on your graphics though. The cut-out heads from the cast of Full House wasn't bad, but it could've been a lot better.

Also, keep the music. It was great!

Now where in the hell did you come up with the super funny concept "SuperStamos"? XD


you did choose the right music, very dramatic music. people love dramatic music. OMG it's superstamos! he's saving the day!

very funny...but lame

i laughed at the begging, but hwne i found out there was more, i just lost interest. hey but it made me laugh :)

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3.83 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2004
7:57 PM EST
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