Nobodies Shorts #1

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We decided that we wanted to make shorts inbetween each full episode. This is the first of the shorts.

...But ben and Chris have decided to leave the Tomorrow's Nobody crew so we don't know exactly what we will be doing.

We will still be making stuff. For more info check out www.tomorrowsnobody.com


today's nobodies

while there wasn't really anything wrong with the graphics or sounds (though they weren't anything special), i'm guessing that this was supposed to be funny since it wasn't particularly dramatic or action-packed; this shit was hella-not-funny. i've never seen tomorrow's nobodies before, and this movie has made it so i never want to see any of them...ever.

The great ones fall to new lows

Once the top in talent. Once in the spotlight. Once a great sum of ideas came to life, but now TN is ruduced to nothing but a pile of silly nothingness. True great ones have fallen. it seems like just yesterday...sitting outside with the laptop with a gang of friends and commenting on how cool TN was, and was going to be--now that they have their own show. The characters were cool. The adventures were cool, but now just a cheap, not up to par, immitation of yesterday. Will they ever pull their head out of their ass?...I guess we should stay tuned. Until they surpass the shows of days gone by, I guess they will be nothing more than below average. Not a blam, but just simply below average. It is a total shame that good talent has gone to waste.


what the fuck has happened to you guys? Gods sake...i was a VERY avid lover of series one, and i didnt take offence from anything..
But this...this is out of the window! True, you have new animation...but the humour, has gone..completely.

Where were the wisecracks, where was the random comments?

Seriously guys, you need to start thinking about where TN is going.

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Nov 4, 2004
7:12 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature November 5, 2004