Definitive guide to FPS!

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Well, my friend wanted to learn how to make Flash games, so I told him the most basic type was a First-Person Shooter. He told me to make a tutorial for it, and I ended up using a lot more scripting than I intended to. You MUST watch this if you're making Flash games for the very first time.

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0 bullets kill?

When i had no more bullets i still could shoot the guy o.o not bad tho


I think it was way too hard to follow and i couldn't tell what you were up to making

Good but very boring.

It told me so much stuff that I actually skipped around alot. You know alot about flash and you're a great teacher, but you need to pizazz up tutorials more.

Need to work on- Better background
Less text, more pics.
Teach how to make the gun have a flash

Other than that, great tut! You obiously put alotta' effort into this, and to be honest, it shows.

Not the best...

I mean yea it was really informative and told you everything there is to know about FPS games, but there werea few problems:

- Sound, where was the sound? would it have been that much trouble to import a few mp3's into it?

- Bits of code didnt work, if you look if your own example, you can kill the dude even if you dont have any ammo left :)

- to much text, Im going to have to side with the rest here, there was just pages and pages of text. A few images would have helped a lot.

A really great tutorial and i can see that you put a lot of effort into it so ill give you a solid 3.

Keep it up!

2 much text man

there is 2 muh text.that makes it very boring to read the whole page.
try putting more images in it,that will interest the watchers,and not bore them
i hope u got somthing whit this info

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Nov 4, 2004
6:43 PM EST