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sonic movie madness 2

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Comedy - Parody

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Nov 3, 2004 | 1:03 AM EST

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Author Comments

Wow, after 4 months of waiting, it's finally done.. Coincidence that Bush's election get's mentioned, when i submit it the day after the election..Ah well..
See team sonic, team rose, team dark and team chaotix in their movie spoofs, in the main story line, the potential devorce of Sonic from Amy, by buring the ring in mount doom..will they succeed..
Sonic movie madness 3, which will be the final climax (tough the movie is yet again split up in various parts since it's to big) will be done..err.. in 5 months or something I'm afraid -_-;;



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Automatic 10

I'm actually responding to your response to my review. You seem to be viewing all the reviews so hey, why not share this with everyone else... that is, until I run out of SOMM review space. I think what I'm about to say may be helpful for other viewers.

>And yeah, i wasn't to happy how "sonikku" was pronounced
>(i would have said sonikeee, as shown in sonic adventure 2 in
>3 minutes) But since i already ahd to wait for months to get those
>voicelines, I really didn't want to bother about it ^^;

Honestly, "sonikeee" sounds cuter than "sonica". The more I watch these series, the more the pronunciation grows on me. It now became more like a nickname for Sonic, specific only for Amy. I don't know, when I see "sonikeee", I read it as: soh-nee-kee. Likewise, with "sonikku", I read is as: soh-nee-ku and as far as I know, that's how it's supposed to sound.

When I see supposed Japanese spelled out in English, I automatically break it up as if I see the Japanese characters. So with sonikku, I split it up as follows: so/ni/k/ku so there should be four Japanese (probably Katakana) characters.
So = Soh
Ni = Nee
K = Consonant modifier
Ku = Ku

Without the consonant modifier, the "ku" at the end would sound weaker. With the modifier, you would place emphasis on the K of the "ku", before the vowel of the last character. Hence, a lot of people simply double the consonant in the English spell-out (kku). I believe that's the standard anyway.

If you already knew this, fine but this is also for the other viewers. As for this particular SOMM, er, SMM, I loved it...

RogerregoRRoger responds:

never studied Japanese (a pal of mine is going to a Japanese college school next year tough so he can give me pointers in the future) so all teh Japanese I know are words that stick in my head after watching to many Anime.

indeed, Sonnikeee sounds a lot more cute, but again, I didn't want to send the voice actress to redo her lines after it took 6 months for the first bunch already.

I got the Sonniku name from a fanfic where it's indeed Amy's way to call SOnic, yet I believe it is Sonic's actual name in Japan as well.. But again, I don't really know, it would have sounded cute, it's however screwed up now, and there's nothing to do about it except accept the Sonikku line now.


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good job

Im a huge fan of your movies. If your thinking about making any more try and make a really quick version of Shadow the Hedehog movie.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

ah, i have my script for shadow the hedgeog done already. It won't be a fast movie tough.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Ok OK Roger this movie rocks but tails using the same voice acter anymore? I meen he sounds so fdifernt and uhh no offense to the voice actter of tails but he sounds more heh heh kinda stupid

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

In the past i always did tails, but some guy called Rob Harrison started emailing me and begging his greatest dream ever was to voice Tails, so eh..Voila


Rated 5 / 5 stars



RogerregoRRoger responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

so hilarious

this movie was too funny and i watched it over five times. your graphics weren't perfect but you said that in one of your movies that jokes were more important and i really understand why. since it was so funny i really didn't notice the graphics anyway, keep up the good work;)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay, glad you liked it ^_^
and yeah, if i owuld want to show off how good i can draw, i just submit a "2 characters dont move and talk to each other, then kill each other with so limited moves possible" movie