Ultimate Sonic Quiz v.2

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update: thx to everyone for daily 5th!

new features

-fixed questions
-some new backrounds
-improved quality
-quality change added
-also stop sound and start music again
-now you start from easy instead of easy or hard

a zelda quiz is coming soon! look for that and enjoy this improved version.


good job.

granted this isnt groundbreaking flash, but its something nice that im sure fans of the series will enjoy.

i didnt know all of the questions, but i liked how i could have a chance to learn them without having to go ALL the way back to the very beginning of easy mode.

the animated series bonus at the end was a really good way to reward people for playing.

you did a good job. if there were only someway to make the quiz a bit more flashy or animated!

Dude sick game!

Last review. Sonic last words in SA2 were sayonara, Shadow and Sonic IS 16. before you flame get YOUR facts straight.
Awesome SatAM vid at the end. I wonder, do you have more SatAm footage?

pretty good but...

Pretty good but, it would be better if your hard mode questions where correct. Some questions don't have the right answer, they are all wrong, like sonics age question, you can choose from 15, 16, or 18. His age is 15 years old, I'm 100% sure about that, but when I clicked it it said it was wrong. Ans the question about sonics last words in Sonic adventures 2, those are: Adios, shadow, the hedgehog, but according to your quiz it was something else. So please dont ask question if you don't even know the answer youself, but for now, please fix those questions.

bring back the sega consoles

great quiz for makin u remember the good old days..got em all right except for one...i gave the humour mark coz the sonic 2s day always makes me smile,its so cheesy...neway great quiz and sonic is the king of game mascots without a doubt...think ill play my mega drive,sonic 3 and sonic and knukles..

*sigh* Ahh, The good ol' days..

That was really fun quiz! I grew up on the Sonic games so it was pertty easy to
take. I really liked the differnt modes on it and the Bonus at the end! It's like
a little gift for passing all of the tests!

Plus, seeing the old Sonic Tv brought back memories of when I was a little girl.

*runs off to dig up her old tapes*

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3.66 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2004
9:22 PM EST
Puzzles - Quiz
  • Daily 4th Place November 4, 2004