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2004 Election Booth

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Nov 2, 2004 | 8:25 PM EST

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Frontpage for 5 hours! Shortest time on the frontpage ever! Woohoo! This is a parody of each of the candidates, dont be offended and leave crappy scores just because I dont have your favorite candidate wearing a crown spreading peace across the entire world.

I dont care about your political views or who you (dis)like, this is my submission, if you want to attempt better/just want to have a warm and fuzzy feeling inside then make your own!

Read More for Spoilers..

I believe with George Bush in office again the world will end up nuking eachother. That is my opinion, it doesn't have to be yours, so don't throw a fit. :)

If Kerry won the election, he had said he would hunt down Osama himself, it was his main goal to kill him, so I parodied that.

If Nader won, well.. that'd be a miracle because all votes for him basically is like putting a lighter to your ballot. :P



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If only you had known the details of what was to come, you could have just had a stock chart showing a red arrow going down and down instead of blowing up Earth, historically that would have resonated a lot more, you would have gotten your point across and been accurate as well. And as a guess, it wouldn't have been a longshot either, and your supposing "the world will end up nuking each other" just wasn't a realistic expectation by comparison, Bush wasted our resources invading 3rd world countries, not attacking nuclear powers. But it was still pretty funny.

It was a darkkkkk and storrrrmmmyy November...... Bush got re-elected! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA! There's a scary Halloween story for you. I stole that joke from Martin Lawrence in 1992. Sad it came to pass years later after all with a different Bush. And yet now the world has made an about face and it has become increasingly obvious that liberals can be off their rockers too. I don't even know which is the lesser of two evils between Hillary and Trump, it's obvious Hillary will win, as obvious as it was that Kerry would lose, but I kind of wish Trump would win just because it would be more interesting to see what he does and Hillary is off her rocker in that new way. I suppose someone might be reading these words in 4 years or longer too. So take a look at the date. "How did he know Hillary would win", you can say. Well I'm sneaky that way.


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Awsome game! but...why would be choose a president if the 2004 elections already passed?
Oh yeah and make a 2012 Election Booth please


Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is freakin awsome/111


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I toally agree with kerry but unforatley bush won by cheating and he is getting kicked out of office whooo!!!


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When i watched the bush part, laughed so hard i cried. Tis so true. Nice to know that there is a liberal who is making flashes. May you never stop.

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