Chrono Break

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Ok the music is glithcy because its compressed so in the review dont tell me the music is horrible i know sorry. Uhh enjoy!

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Not Impressed...

Lots of issues here. The sentences get cut off, the audio is about as appealing as grinding my teeth against a chalkboard, and I thought it was silly that Robo became part of the Epoch, and sillier that Crono could talk (and that his name was spelled wrong). From there I found it difficult to watch, as the dialogue was poorly written. Ty is random, and so is Diaz. As a fan of the 'Chrono' series, this is not something I want to see with a name like "Chrono Break" attached to. Such a title holds a lot of hope for us fans, and it need not be tainted with sub-par work such as this.

If you ironed this out a great deal, fixing the audio, the missing dialogue, and the menu, I would call it a legitimate fan fiction. 'Til then, it's pretty much garbage.

nice work

but just make ur plots a bit more clear and ur all set

I couldn't finish...

First, the menu messed up alot, causing me to have to start over. Second, none of the sentences were complete... 4 off for the menu, 6 off for the sentence incompletion.

Ok, a few points

What was with the crystals?
Its called dream stone, and how would they find it in 600AD?
It was only available in prehistoric times, but other than that it was ok.

Hmm it was ok

Hmm it was ok for the fact that the sound is clitchy but im not complaining about it. Well do better in the next one.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2004
3:49 PM EST