Boy VS Sprite

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This is the first movie in a 2-part semi-series. I'll upload the second part later.
This is based on the Super Nintendo game Secret of Mana. Anyone who's played Secret of Mana will understand most of this. Hopefully, people who haven't played Secret of Mana will enjoy some part of this too.

**Boy VS Sprite 3 is done. Look for it as "Crono VS Black Mage" under the "Other movies by this author thingie"**

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That was good

I loved that game and i understood it which is good! one question when she gets hit with the sword a song plays that sounds familiar.. did i hear it from an anime maybe like Cowboy bebop, Evangelion or love hina??

eh pretty good

im not to kean on sprites though, ya ya you had the emulator and converted it and al that bull, but ya still didnt draw it, you get the same effort points though. well its an interesting little movie, i liked it but it could use more effort. good luck with yer next project!

I love Cowboy Bebop!!!

I love Cowboy Bebop!!! Ballad of Fallen Angels is the best episode ever!!! I love that song!!
(oh yeah.. the movie rocked too.)

I didnt really wanna review this

but i needed to say SOM ruled. (but i firsted played it emulated)

Cool movie

That ruled

Man,, that kicked ass,,, SOM ruled, and thank you for not using the damn annoying matrix crap too, that shit is getting old

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3.56 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2001
10:27 PM EDT