Bill the Robot

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This is just a quick puzzle game I threw together for my class. You must create a simple program to guide Bill the Robot through each level and pick up the computer chips therein. The kids dug it, so I thought I'd throw it up here.

For instructions, click on the question mark in the lower right-hand corner.

I am truly astounded by the amount of views this has gotten. Thanks to everyone for the helpful reviews! I am currently working on Bill2, and will take all of your critiques into consideration.


i didnt think...

that anything of 48k would be good on NG but this!!!!! is!!!! AWSOME!!!! i love it i love games like this its really nice gj gj gj

Robot Odyssey

This is going to seriously date me, but it brings back happy memories of Robot Odyssey. (Insert wistful sigh here). I want more levels! Also, a way to reset Bill when he's decided to go off into a corner and pout (aka, I done screwed up and don't want to wait for the whole run to finish). A zoom mode of some sort would be nice (not that watching Bill dawdle along isn't fun but... yeah).

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Fairly good game

This is quite a good game and is easy enough for anyone to use.

Putting the fun back in functions!

I recall LOGO, but this definitely reminded me of LightBot more... this isn't a bad thing however. I love this style of game and more levels = more fun for me!

There were a few things that bothered me though. The speed is definitely an issue. I can understand wanting the third graders to be able to correct any errors by watching the robot and following along with the code, but there should be an option to speed things up. This was especially needed after making a small error after a particularly long level.

"I quited after 2nd level because in this game a sabroutine cannot call itself an the 2nd sabroutine cannot call the 1st" - Ahh, that should be changed and more advanced, recursive levels added?

A level count and running tally of how many commands were used would entice people to use the functions more efficiently. Maybe the most efficient number of commands would be known and people could try to match it; if you were close to the number, the efficient code would be made known so people could learn from it.

Power to the programmers!

Great Game!

It was challenging. There was no grid, so for like the first five levels or so you really had to "guess and check". I loved the subroutine addition. That was nice. The graphics weren't great, but hey, it's a puzzle, not an Xbox 360 game. And to the person before me, you obvously have an IQ equal to that of a brine shrimp.

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3.30 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2004
2:39 PM EST
Puzzles - Other