Black Cat Ops

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After some interesting and largely experimental and ambitious starts, I am happy to present my first completed Flash game, in which you, as a parent cat, fight ghosts and haunted objects to rescue your catnapped kittens. I hope you enjoy it.

I originally planned for Black Cat Ops to include both adventure and shooting components, but I scaled my plans back a bit to allow myself to finish it and release it sometime around Halloween. What remains is a fun, silly game. If it is well-liked, I may expand it or make a sequel.


It seems that some people do not understand what is going on in this game. The ghosts and haunted objects have reinforcements join them periodically when there are fewer than ten of them left; you need to fight quickly to defeat them all. When you defeat all of the ghosts and haunted objects, including any reinforcements that have arrived, you can move to the next area (or, in the case of the last area, you can have the satisfaction that you completed a challenging game and got to see the ending screen).

UPDATE (2004-11-01): I have reduced the distance enemies can travel off stage to tighten up the action area and keep things moving along; enemies should now spend a bit more time where you can see them and shoot them, but you still need to fight quickly to clear each area.


You can press "Q" to cycle through different quality settings in the game. The shooting sequences default to "MEDIUM" to keep the frame rate up, but you can cycle down to "LOW" then up to "HIGH" then back down from there as you desire.

I am not sure why the preloader image looks slightly distorted; I will try to look into that after school.

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-1 because the bottles spawn too fast!!!! It's impossible to click all those tiny bottles before a ton more come!


i hate pumpkins and ghosts. I hate cats too, so i was in a lose lose situation.

I ended up just drinking my ass off and passing out on my keyboard.

---Barely counts as a game!---

I like kittens. I didn't like this. It was pointless. Nuff said!

BrianSexton responds:

Your apparent failure to read the instructions does not constitute pointlessness in the game. On the contrary, there is definitely a point: to defeat all enemies in each area to either move to the next area or, in the case of the last area, to complete the game. The game is essentially a shooting gallery with a twist: periodic reinforcements. The concept should not be too difficult for a 30-year-old man to understand if he simply reads the instructions.

That was really cool!

I found that this game was very fun! People may say that this was a boring game and all, but they're completely wrong! One thing that you could have added was more enemies, but was still satisfied with the ones that were already here anyway...

Oh, and thanks for using my music!

BrianSexton responds:

I am glad you liked the game. The issue of the game being "boring" should soon be addressed in an update that offers easier gameplay for people who suck at shooters or reading and understanding instructions.

The update upon which I am working will likely have the same enemies that are already in the game, but a sequel would definitely have some new ones.

Thank you for providing your music!

Well, you certainly surprised me

After seeing your tank game demo, this is the last thing I would have expected from you. Reading back through the reviews, some of them are pretty harsh. I guess it's just that good ol' NG mentality - my advice: pinch of salt.

Now, the game. The controls are simple, but I found it quite fun. Maybe you should add a status bar which shows any boost-ups/enemies left/levels left - then again, I quite like the clean look, the fact there's no clutter. The graphics were good, and the music wasn't overpowering (suggestion no2 - volume control/jukebox?). Character animation was nice, AS worked a treat.

I'm guessing that the reason that so many reviewers have called it boring is because there's no way to die/lose - so long as you persist, you can win (although it gets bloody hard). I'd suggest having timer that runs down for each level, and 3 lives. Most NG users would probably like it better if more blood was involved, too... sad, isn't it?

BrianSexton responds:

Thank you for the feedback, including the suggestions.

Why was this so surprising after my tank demo? Because a first-cat (har har har) shooter is very different from a tank game?

I have been working on an updated version of Black Cat Ops with various improvements, including difficulty/skill selection, but I want to be clear that I am working on an update right now, not a completely new game with significantly different gameplay. I have considered implementing a timer to emphasize the fact that time is a factor, but I also enjoy the clean interface and I do not want to overcomplicate things in the update (I may, however, revise the gameplay more significantly in a sequel).

Thanks again for the feedback!

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2.76 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2004
9:54 AM EST
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