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this is the prelude to my final fantasy series that I'm working on, enjoy



f'in awesome dude keep it up ^

SquareHard responds:

hehe, thx for the support

Not bad for a first FF movie

I noticed you made them walk frame by frame. Tweening is the way to go here. It's much easier and looks just like the game. That's how come my animation is so smooth. Even if you're really good at FBF, it will never look right. Plus it takes a long time just to animate them walking! Well it's a pretty good story, just needs to be smoother. And like I said, tweening will take care of that for ya ;)

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SquareHard responds:

omg, praise from u is like praise from the sprite god himself!!!wow!!! im not worthy!!!*grovels* im not worthy! *grovels*


Kone, you must be a very dull minded person and can't realise true talent even when it's right in front of your face. Have you ever even played FF3? Obviously you haven't. Because if you did, then you would know that Shadow cared for her alot. So just stfu and don't leave your filthy reviews on good flash videos. Square, this was great and I can't wait to see the next one.


this looks like a really neat idea for a series, even just what was in this makes it sound really cool, i've played FF3 only once before, and didn't really get that far, but this is really cool, i'm looking forward to the first episode.

i loved it

it has a great setting from what i can see so far and it has great potential but remeber ppl like action alot but action is now good if u dont know wat the hell is going on (in short put in alot of action and make sure the story makes sense, im not saying uve done anything wrong but its happened to the best of flash series).
great flash and cant wait for the next one

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3.93 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2004
9:28 PM EST
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