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this is the prelude to my final fantasy series that I'm working on, enjoy


wow, another series...

man, i can't keep up! hey, finish a series, willya?! i'm dying here! lol, love your work, look forward to it. am i the only loser here, i've played all these games and more...:S

SquareHard responds:

hehe, glad ur enjoying these flashes, heh, thx for the review again

Well Vince and HAcoreRD reviewed so i thougt i wud

good job on it hopefully someone with flash five will teach you how to motion tween :P i'll be looking forward to the next episode.

SquareHard responds:

yea, i hope u find someone soon, im going out of my mind with all this noobness in me, im gonna explode!

Not bad for a first FF movie

I noticed you made them walk frame by frame. Tweening is the way to go here. It's much easier and looks just like the game. That's how come my animation is so smooth. Even if you're really good at FBF, it will never look right. Plus it takes a long time just to animate them walking! Well it's a pretty good story, just needs to be smoother. And like I said, tweening will take care of that for ya ;)

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SquareHard responds:

omg, praise from u is like praise from the sprite god himself!!!wow!!! im not worthy!!!*grovels* im not worthy! *grovels*

not bad

Ahh Leo, good to see him. Anyways, the flash isn't bad. The concept is sorta reused, but thats how most movies gotta be. The characters move slow n choppy, so you may wanna work on that. I assume it's Frame By Frame. Well, I'll watch for your next movie.

SquareHard responds:

thx, it is fbf, and the next one will definately be better, thx for review

Nothing WRONG with it.

I didn't find anything particularly wrong with it per se(it's better than I could do, and a really nice start to a series), but you might want to think about using fewer cliches, low information content phrases, and blatant "grab you by the head and pry your eyes open" foreshadowing (think: cyans "He'd give anything...ANYTHING.") in your writing. Something I've learned is that even in actual RPG writing, where people are more forgiving than in "instant gratification" stuff like this, not every person wants to read twenty lines of script where three would do, and sometimes the shorter one can have a greater impact and give more information.

I hope my advice invokes thought. :)

SquareHard responds:

heh, i dont know, when i play RPG, i loved reading everything, so the more i can read to me, the better it was for me, but this was really only setting up for the actual series, so i had to really make sure ppl knew what i was talking about, thx for the review man

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Oct 31, 2004
9:28 PM EST
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