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this is the prelude to my final fantasy series that I'm working on, enjoy


Not bad...

That's pretty good as far as Sprite animations go. You seem to have captured a few nice elements from the "ye olde" Final Fantasy world. When I bought FF3 (6) I wasn't at all thrilled with how slow it played, and this was set at the same pace. But depending on how you look, that can be a + or a -

Good, but dont leave me hanging...

good flash movie, but when its something that doesnt take much time, like a sprite movie, submit it all at once. Other than that, good ideas here.

nice !!

Now I finaly know what happend after the game happend
love the music
realy wanna know what happens next

keep up the good work


WILL YOU PLEASE FINISH ONE SERIES BEFORE STARTING ANOTHER!!! I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Every day I look up your prfile to see if you have added another CT legends...and what do a find?! Another damn series! Finish one for the love of God Buhda Allah...any of em!!!! ARGH!

SquareHard responds:

lol, haha, ill get the ct legends ep5 done very soon, jus doing a couple of other series to keep me constantly busy, but dont worry, ct legends ep5 will be out very soon

((( DECENT )))

Cool flash, the sprites cameout very sharp and detailed, the backround music fit just right, and the other effects made for a nice flash, i was entertained with the outcome, nice work...


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3.93 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2004
9:28 PM EST
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