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Thugjacker is the first game from Sokay.net. It's a beat 'em up along the lines of Double Dragon and Streets of rage. We've been working on this game for a million years and this is the first public release. This is a 2 level demo. Have fun.

Play it at Thugjacker.com

More info at Sokay.net

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this game was great

but you don't see any thugs running around in sandals now do you?


When is the real thigjaker coming?Im really looking forward to it!This was awsome!Smooth gameplay and everything,allthough the inroduction in the beginnijng is really slow,you should speed it up or be able to skip it.Keep up the great work!


i liked it early on...

you definately caught my attention with the comic book style beginning, but i have just one question.... if i'm a thug, why don't i have a lead pipe, or some form of weapon?... why am i only jacking cops? why can't i steal anything? What the HELL am i doing in Suburbia?... ok, that was more like four Q's, but it's a great little game overall!....

Good, but has some flaws.

1) Collision detection is sometimes a little random. The enemy's jumpkicks rarely connected, and sometimes my character's reach ended up in him punching "through and past" my enemy's head. It got a little irritating.
Also, the range of the 'special' is considerably short than the range of the punch, so it tends to miss an unfair amount.

2) A little repetative. Much more variations in the moves, extra enemies and weaponry will help change things up.

3) Is there a reason why I'm playing a big black guy who beats up cops for money? I'm worried that the plot will turn out to be offensive for the sake of being offensive.

Other than that, you have worked very hard on this, and it shows.

I like this game a lot

That was an excellent demo and from the looks of it the final version will be one of the best flash games I've ever played. The first level was extremely easy...didn't get hit until the miniboss...but that is ok since it is the first level. The normal enemies who jumpkicked in the first level didn't connect with me most of the time even though it was clear that their foot hit me, so hit detection may need to be tweaked a little. The only time I died in the game was to the robot boss in level 1...he kept swinging the hammer at me and I couldn't get up. Level 2 was very easy also, except for the dogs, which were annoying until you figure out the timing. The zombies only hit me a few times and the bear boss was a joke. All I did was keep hitting the attack button and he never hit me. In the final version you should consider having us be able to buy things with the money we accumulate, such as extra lives, additional special moves, or food/healthkits that can be used at the push of a button. Great game and I am awaiting the final version.

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3.60 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2004
8:51 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler