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With you are a F'ing moron out there. I decided my critic was alot cooler then that dumb dinosaur. Though I don't diss on everything i still gave a pretty solid review. Pilot episode.



Syncing was horribly off but it was sill okay

im sorry but...

just not feeling it the voices were off it was only kind of funny and it was way short with only 2 moderately funny parts, and since im guessing it was supposed to be humorous it wasnt well.... at least not enough id say decent but not very good

Voices were annoying

Graphics & animation were pretty cool, but the whole thing seemed totally pointless. If it was supposed to be funny, it failed dismally. You need a much better storyboard if you're gonna impress people with this series.

You're an idiot.

You pronounced Ninja Gaiden wrong you fucking moron.

not funny

you tried to hard to be funny, but your just not funny. your not. your like this guy i know named kurt who tells these really lame jokes and thinks hes so funny, and he triesreally hard to be funny. I hate ppl like u

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2.82 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2004
4:12 PM EST
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