Black Mages 4

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No promises for a sequel.
People! Please stop saying this is a ripoff of 8-bit theatre! It's more like a tribute.
5 weeks of heavy work. It's based on Final Fantasy 1, so you might not understand it if you've not played the game. Watch the whole thing! There is extra stuff at the end. It's mostly a remake of number 2, for those of you who have seen it. Probably the bloodiest thing I've ever seen. It's mostly just random violence. If you like it you can watch the older ones but theyre not half as good. Wll enjoy!



Apparently the author of this film is into 8-Bit Theater, since he did everything he could to steal its already tired gags and forcefully shove them into the bloated asshole of what might have been a salvagebly decent movie. The animation was nice and smooth, but that's where my praise of this fuckfest of stupidity ends. When will people learn to stop ripping off other peoples' shit?

Well, at least it wasn't another Goddamn sprite movie. People who make those should be shot into space and then blown up with a nuclear warhead.

matt-likes-swords responds:

uh...shut up...yeah.... and thanks for the sarcasm....im sure thats original


I fuckin hate you. You made the first Black Mages and it was the best! Then you have to start doing all this flash animation that looks loike shit!! And you cant even come up with a good storyline of retarded so you had to use a really crappy episode and remake it with more detail!
I wish you would either go back to pixels or kill your children(which you probably dont have because youve never even kissed a girl) and then kill yourself.... glad i got that out of me

8-bit Theatre ripoff

Good job stealing someone else's characters and making a decently drawn but stupid flash. I didn't laugh once. Was there a point to this flash? They're lost, random black mages that don't talk, fighter says his catch phrase from 8-bit theatre (rip-off) and each character is dealt about 50,000 points of damage. Haha. A safe fell on someone, good god, where's bugs bunny? Awful.

matt-likes-swords responds:

yeh... your at level 1 and have dun no flash.... and youre 19? get a life man.


I'd go into how much it rips off 8-Bit Theater and how much unoriginal garbage like this SUCKS, but everyone's heard it already. So I'll review the rest of the movie.

The only thing this movie has to offer is clean vectors. Not GOOD ones--just clean. But that's about 7 steps about generic flash movies in general. I give you credit for taking the time out to draw them out, despite general lack of any body anatomy... and arms and legs--none of the characters have appendages, which is CRUCIAL for making an actual battle interesting... And don't go telling me it's the 'style'--it's called 'laziness'.

There's not much to this at all. Just meaningless 'fighting'. And by 'fighting', I mean 'rolling around the screen in slow motion while blood and numbers spray everywhere'. The background is constant and the timing aspect of the animation is horrible, so it looks I'm watching like a puppet show.

...And it just keeps going.. and going... and going :| The visual effects you made were okay, but when everything else sucks so much it defeats the purpose of spending so much time making them in the first place.

It wouldn't hurt to get some voiceactors, too. GOOD ones.

Next time make a movie that ISN'T riding on something else's popularity. Analyze the change in reviews and ask yourself if it was good because of the borrowed subject. Then improve. With some more practice you could pull off something much better than this. If you're going to make something tween-intensive, I recommend 30 FPS. Better luck next time.

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matt-likes-swords responds:

well thanks for the advice.....?


Look man, you're a seriously gifted animator, I'll give you that. However, get a writer friend to make scripts for you, or something. You're not impressing anyone with this Final Fantasy crap, and the random, stupid violence is mind-numbing. I struggled to watch it the whole way through. Go make something original, and you'll get nothing but respect from me. But in the meantime... you get a 1.

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2.55 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2004
1:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature October 31, 2004