28 Days Later Halo 2

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What will the world be like 28 days later Halo 2's release on November 9th?
I've been working on this forever on and off and it is finnally done! I came up with the idea for this after watching "28 Days Later" and being very excited for Halo 2 coming up, I ended up making this flash. Despite what happens or is said in the animation, Halo 2 and San Andreas are really really great games! Just because some of the characters don't like them doesn't mean I agree with what they say. I mostly made this for Halo 2 fans, it also helps to have seen "28 Days Later" but either way, I hope you can enjoy this flash!

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i like it

i liked it but i think if you dont play halo youll turn into a zombie but if u have halo youll live but turn slow but i like it

It was a OK...

As a parodie I think it's ok. Not that funny but not that bad. You disgraced 28 days later though.

Its kinda funny but not really

But, It is a great spoof of 28 days later lol

Not really worth the time put into it

Let me start off by saying that the Idea was pretty good. I could see
how this might have been a good idea on paper, but there are several problems.

-This Movie is a bit too long. I lost interest in it about 3 minutes in.
While I'm glad it wasn't incredibly short, it could have been but a tad shorter.

-The Voices were OK. While certainly not as bad as some of the other things I've seen on newgrounds, it was obviously not worth an award or something similar.

-The Plot was almost the EXACT same as The movie. While I know this was the intent, the "Halo aspect" was really only slightly mentioned, while the rest was taken directly from the movie script. Seeing a bit more Halo in the movie would've been a bit better than just the movie shown in theaters, if that makes sense.

Although I'm very glad you actually took the time to put effort into it, it shows you at least tried. Which is more than I can say about most other submissions on NG as of late. (Honestly, How can Halo: Funny Situations get five when this gets a 2?)


HALO 1___------no

Halo 2 has good gameplay but the rest of it sux no.wonder a zombie infection started because of this game

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2.90 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2004
10:37 PM EDT
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