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Piconjo Confession X-2

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My heart yearns for you
eternal and forever
I <3 j00 always

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LMAOAOAO 'I didn't know you were fat in real life' I'M CRYIGNGN

That was weird. Was this meant to be authentic? I knew there'd be talk of balls or something like that. Honestly, that was pretty heartfelt. It just wasn't much. It just used the same image mostly.

Well, I'm not a big fan of Piconjo. The music was great. I'm glad there was no nudity. He draws Joanna so well. I have seriously never seen a hotter cartoon character than her.


piconjers <3's j00s 2

funny shit

"My balls itch" LOL that was some funny shit man keep up the good work. It was a little long though.

These confessions...

You could have at least pretended like you were crying. The way you laughed was so fucking annoying.. :( no <3