Dr. Shroud Vampire Game

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This is just a VERY simple game and my first attempt at interactivity. So before you bash it, be certain to understand that it is a VERY SIMPLE game and far from any of the others on this portal. I submitted it because I thought it would be fun for Dr. Shroud fans, the graphics are okay and I enjoyed making it. Happy Halloween!


not the best.....

oh man! It was horrible to even AIM! I missed about a million of the vampires flying on the screen! It was like trying to hit a skinny chick 500 feet away, not gonna happen!


It was ok, but a pain to aim. Can you put in some crosshairs or something? Dr Shroud throws kinda funny.

Good, simple fun

I don't think this game deserves such a high score but it was definitely quite original and fun. There was no time limit and the game got boring very quickly. Keep on trying.

The Game Itself Feels Undead.

With this entry, the author of the critically acclaimed Dr. Shroud series tries his hand at arcade-style shoot-em-up action. While he delivers the characteristic dystopian setting and trademark art with panache, the gameplay itself seems rough and unfinished.

A horde of identical-looking vampires springs at our protagonist from their hiding places in a graveyard, and must be laid down with a hail of missile fire. Unfortunately, that's it. The game has no further plot, no variability in enemies, and most tellingly, no ammo limit. Difficulties in aiming (lack of a reticle, for one) are easily overcome by simply filling the entire screen with flying wooden shafts. Once this is realized, the game becomes farcical in terms of difficulty.

To be fair, this is the author's first submission, and his flash experience shows. The game is smooth, and the graphs are far superior to those of many other flash games. As it stands, however, this game is not a fully-formed, living thing, but rather an incomplete aberration - much like its titular enemies.


im a DR. shroud fan but this got a little to repetitive
it would of been better if it would of had more levels/ actions
but as a starter it was good

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Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2004
2:21 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed