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Just something I made for Halloween. I'm submitting it early because I might not be able to submit it on Sunday, but anyway, please leave a review, I enjoy reading them.


that was well made

the song was good, and though im not usually into flashes like that, i admit that took talent. A message to user 15110: You are an idiot. Now ppl are sick if they just watch crap like this? There are movies out there that are worse then anything this guy can think of, and i bet you like those too, and you just pick on this guy because of his crime. Yes, i admit it was pretty fucked up, but you twisted the story a bit. A lot actually. I had to find out what happenned, so i looked the story up on wikipedia. These are the details you missed: His mother was a drunk. She suffered a car accident when she drank, and now has to go to a nursing home... The kids in his school drove him to insanity by dissing him because of his race and appearance. That is proof that bullying can lead to murder and suicide. Those ppl werent innocent at all, but they still didnt deserve to die, but when people are pushed that far, they tend to lose their minds. He was sick mentally, and the ppl made him get worse, and that resulted in the ppl getting murdered. But i still agree with you (in the case of some ppl liking this movie so much, they download it and watch it because they like death) but in this case, ppl only compliment the talent, and give reasonable reviews, such as the truth which was as seen above (graphics, and so on). You can rate the movie good on what it deserves, and still give it a low overall bacause of the fact that you dont like the idea.

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didnt really watch the movie but i think this guy is cool.

Pull your collective head out of your ass

It happened. He has the 5th bloodiest school shooting. So his animation gets a zero? This is not the place to comment on that. Newgrounds is for Flash. Imagine the kind of submissions you would come across four years ago and this would have been gold. Shame you get hung up on your preaching about his life.

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It's a real shame that people have to ruin theirs and others' lives because they aren't strong enough to take what shit life throws at everybody. This boy inspires many other teenage killers who can't find any other way to end their bullying. They have no personality and rely on others. This is obviously shown in this flash and his other one. Part of the plot was clearly for attention. I mean, he even said in his description that he might not be able to post it on sunday so he is posting it now.

He obviously wanted someone to go, hey why can't you post it on sunday? then he would give out other little clues to his massacre in the hope that someone would stop him by being his friend.
Rather than doing something about his life he proudly remained a stoner who is home schooled.
I don't understand people who do this. Maybe it's just the dumbfucks like him.
What a nutcase and a waste of fucking space on earth.
If he had've not done this then he could have been proud to say he had been through so much shit in his life but had been strong enough to get through it, but he was a weak peice of shit who had to resolve his problems with the easy pull of a trigger.
Nice flash though.


I dont know if any of you sick bastards have noticed but this guy is dea and in all my life, when i read these reviews i have not seen so much random shit put together, this is a flash review not an Obituary, and all this stuff about heaven and hell, not everyone is a blind christian (religion causes war and hate kids) This will probrably be viewed by some relative of this disturbed kid, he obviously had mental problems and they dont need a prick slagging off his memory, leave the guy in peace he's dead now and it doesent matter, your alive get on with your life.

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Oct 28, 2004
4:25 AM EDT