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Just something I made for Halloween. I'm submitting it early because I might not be able to submit it on Sunday, but anyway, please leave a review, I enjoy reading them.


...and nobody saw this comming?!

this kid was siriously fucked up...nobody saw the shooting comming, i would have put this kid in sirious counciling...that aside...he was a pretty good animater...it's a goddamn shame he felt he needed to kill people to show just how fucked up he was...i know most would want this guy to burn in hell...but i kind of hope maybe he will find peace with his inner demons and (sorry if this affends any one) find redemtion in the love of Our (or atleast my) God...(whatever, it's just what i believe...) all i'm saying is poor guy...

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You know what disturbs me the most?

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this guy wrote:
This is your flash: "Once upon a time, the end".

He responded by: "Yes indeed.
Much like most of our lives."

It kinda freaks me out, also I would like to point out that both his movies featured violence in a disturbing way and he calls himself regret.
It's not this guy's fault he had gone mad, if only parents in the US would take better care for their kids and if they only knew what they are up to. So if you are watching this and you have no idea what so ever what the hell your kid is doing. I suggest you go out and show some interest and show that you care before your kid is the next crazy gunner.

Insert Title Here (Cant think of one)

Well spotted Angel-Ov-Death i read your review after the movie and it appears we both have the same idea, it does indeed show that Jeff Weise may have indeed been insane.

These two movies may have been his steps up to insanity.

Anyway enough about the madness of ol Jeff Weise (No offence man, dont come outta your grave 'n' shoot me in my sleep) I am now going to review the movie itself.

Let it be known i am reviewing the movie itself, not Jeff Weise.

Animation and Graphics, Just simply great.

Sound: EVANESCENCE! Sorry, Its just I love that band.

Style: Well written and disturbing.

Violence: Well in the bit where it was violent, there was lotsof violence.

Interactivity: Its a movie all it had was a play button, lol.

Humor: None, That was definetly not funny.

Disturbing, in a way its kindof good to see him dead cos if he didnt commit suicide then he might have broken out of jail and done the same thing all over again, And he would also keep making disturbing movies like this.

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It is truly amazing what you can find in the internet. Man, you can find everything, even things like this that i never thought exist and stuff like Paris Hilton phone numbers. As for jeff weise.. everything said have been said.. hope this review gets on the news.. yeah..



non Bias review part*
Animation was Brill - Good music - a lot o' violence ( well done ) - play buton doesn't count anymore for interactivity! - Not Funny Though - A lot of work needed, sadly this is a review written for a dead-man.

This truly gives a great insight into the boys mind. I am no psychologist but it is clear by the sheer insanity and violence of this animation the he was a twisted almost campletely insane man ( man?? ).

This honestly was frightening to me, partly because of the fact that i have a fear of clowns but also the massacre.

It is too late!! If this is modern sociecty ( a school kid going columbine every year ) then truly there is hell on earth. We must look now at people like Jeremy Lockem and David whatevers work ( sorry bout that mispelled name ) and ask is this what turns a boy insane or is it bullying? I hope to god people learn from this!

P.s. I in no way mean to say that it is because of animation that anyone would do a thing like this, i am mearly saying that to us this animation is normal untill something like this happens.

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Oct 28, 2004
4:25 AM EDT