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Oct 28, 2004 | 4:25 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Just something I made for Halloween. I'm submitting it early because I might not be able to submit it on Sunday, but anyway, please leave a review, I enjoy reading them.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

@terminator20 Eyy i logged into this account which i made back last year to tell you that "regret." the creator of this video was jeff weise, aka the perpetrator of the red lake highschool massacre. He killed himself after killing 8 people on march 21st 2005. So no he can't make a cartoon out of this, he's dead, been dead for 10 years now infact. He was a extremely misguided generally stupid, native american neo-nazi who thought it was a good idea to kill 8 innocent classmates because he couldn't solve his own problems.
As for the animation well, i'm conflicted. Its not good, or as good as he could have done, why would a man walk up to a clown that he knows is just going to kill him. He might have been referencing pog o the clown but we'll never know now. Its certainly eerie but had it been longer and had more of a backstory it could have been much much more Halloween ish. Jeff had potential, part of me wishes he never went through with his plans but he wasted it with the red lake massacre.

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did you make a cartoon of the movie it

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It is a shame he killed those people, he was talented and could've went somewhere with this, maybe if that Multi/Parallel Universe theory is true, there is a Universe where he didn't commit the shooting and rose to the top like Edd Gould or something like that, but hey, that's my opinion.
RIP dude, wherever you may be.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

It sucks that this guy went out like he did. He was clearly a talented person. Makes me kinda sad to think about what he could have been.

I feel for him, as I've been in a similar position, where I wanted to knock someone out, take them to an alley somewhere and torture them, but I stopped myself before I did anything. Now I use flash animation to distract myself from my violent thoughts, but that just wasn't enough for Weise.
RIP to him and all the people he killed.

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Between this and "Target Practice," it was clear that Weise was a very talented flash artist who unfortunately chose to go down the wrong path in life. As I said in my review for that animation, Weise should've honed his craft instead of gunning people down, and he could've become a very well-known user on the site (well, he already is, but for the wrong reasons). This was short and simple, but still pretty good. Again, the theme of random violence fits in quite well on Newgrounds, and I think the clown's enigmatic nature serves to make him all the more frightening. Jeff Weise is another classic case of wasted talent. R.I.P.

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