4 Swords ep.1 Original

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update 09/17 :Please no more comments about the bad voice acting. I consider this a pilot episode for the series and I KNOW THE VOICES SUCKED!!
It's not my personal best...

update 8/01/2006: A special remake of this flash is now available at this link:

Flash #10. Warning:sprite movie...
"Four Swords Misadventures" This parody was bound to hapen sooner or later,and since i haven't seen a good four swords parody in NG(if there was one) i decided to make one myself. i originally had this idea over a year ago.
the text in the introduction is just my summary of the four swords game from GBA. I got most of the info thanks to www.zeldauniverse.net, even though i haven't played any of the four swords games yet. the background is from "a link to the past". Zelda is one of my all time favorite games and this flash was never made to insult the series. i hope everyone likes it.

and like i said in one of my other submissions, my other projets will be delayed now that i found a real job, but i will try to finish them when i get the chance..

Four Swords Link sprites thanks to "the shyguy kingdom" tsgk.captainn.net


The start of my fav zelda seris.....

I hav watch all of them they are EPIC

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It's okay.

Like you said, the voice acting was pretty bad, but it was really entertaining and funny. :D

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lol way 2 go

indy = 10 lol tht was funny and so thts where all the skeletons come from n the movies

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It was not bad

I didn't really laugh until the part at the end with Indy. Haha for that you get your 8/10.

pretty good

i can see why you think the remake's better, but still you voice act a million times better then me i couldn't voice act a 50 second scene to save the F@#$&^G EARTH, but still really good movie

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Oct 28, 2004
3:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody