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This is my first soundboard*. It is based on the creation of David Firth. The soundboard works optimally at full screen. Links include David Firth's site, newgrounds' Salad Fingers Collections and a thread on ebaumsworld to discuss and post calls made with the board. Any and all feedback is welcome. I'm also providing a link within the soundboard that is downloadable and expandable, so that all the buttons are easily legible. Enjoy.

*Note, this was my first soundboard, but it has been recently updated to fix some display errors and also providing a link for people to download the soundboard. Again, enjoy.


pretty awsome...

dude - you can't make this full screen, it opens in one of those non-resizeable windows.

If you want to see just the flash, you've got to sift through the code to find the .swf 's url (which I can't post here,) and look at it though that.

Other than that, this is pretty cool - you really put a lot of time in to getting together a pretty comprehensive list of sound effects.

JerkyMyTurky responds:

This was my first time posting at newgrounds, so I didn't realize the screen could not be resized. I apologize again, I wish I could edit my post. I did put alot of effort gathering and editing audio and as well as learning how to make the board. There are actually 15 more buttons on the right that get cut off. There is a direct link to the .swf file on the last link.

quite good

i usually tend to dislike sound boards but this one was special, it must have been a lot of hard work, but the result was worth i think

JerkyMyTurky responds:

I know my board is not near perfect, but I tried very hard to have everything layed out nicely. This was my first, hopefully there is more of an improvement later on. Thanks for the review.

im sick and tired...

of the canvas being too small or too big in flash movies, LOOK AT IT BEFORE YOU SEND A MOVIE PPL!


Now theres a salad fingers sounboard....the most popular newgrounds series...:D

good work

JerkyMyTurky responds:

I'm glad I can contribute something to the series.


*First post dance* Very cool. I like! It needs to be refitted though

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JerkyMyTurky responds:

That is a problem I have to fix, I wasn't expecting it to appear like that. It works fine at full screen, the board can be downloaded on one of the links. All the buttons will work at full screen. Thank you.

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Oct 28, 2004
3:13 AM EDT
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