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This is my first soundboard*. It is based on the creation of David Firth. The soundboard works optimally at full screen. Links include David Firth's site, newgrounds' Salad Fingers Collections and a thread on ebaumsworld to discuss and post calls made with the board. Any and all feedback is welcome. I'm also providing a link within the soundboard that is downloadable and expandable, so that all the buttons are easily legible. Enjoy.

*Note, this was my first soundboard, but it has been recently updated to fix some display errors and also providing a link for people to download the soundboard. Again, enjoy.


One problem

How do i make it full screen. Don't you have to do it? it's not that hard to change the size. Aprt from that, this rocks

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JerkyMyTurky responds:

I have updated the board, with a download link to the actual file. You can open it with any program that runs flash (IE, firefox, flash, etc.), which will make it full screen and all the buttons will be easy to read.




JerkyMyTurky responds:



this is my favourite soundboard ever, I like the hubert cumberdale thing.. Im going to call my friends at school that now

JerkyMyTurky responds:

Record them and share with us, please. Thanks.

Not bad

UUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM you have alot of errors like the words on the outside being cut off you should fix that and also the letters are really blurry which I understand because of how much you have on there maybe you should divid it up into two halfs and make two games out of it instead of one for now you get a four maybe you can get higher if you fix the glitches.

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JerkyMyTurky responds:

Again, this was my firt time using Flash and I relied heavily on a tutorial strictly for a soundboard. I wouldn't say there are "a lot of errors" though. Upon completing the board, everything seemed to work fine when I opened it. Only after uploading the file to ng, did the sides of the board get cut off. Other than that, I don't see many errors or glitches. The words are difficult to read, but not really a glitch, just had a lot of clips up and maybe could have used a more readiable font.

Again, if you want to view all the buttons, the file is hosted here... http://www.kdkprankcalls.com/soundboards/boards/salad_fingers_2.swf where all the buttons are clear to use.

All hail to the might salad fingre!!!

David Firth is a genious! and everyone loves him, all thanks to salad fingre!

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Oct 28, 2004
3:13 AM EDT
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