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This is my first soundboard*. It is based on the creation of David Firth. The soundboard works optimally at full screen. Links include David Firth's site, newgrounds' Salad Fingers Collections and a thread on ebaumsworld to discuss and post calls made with the board. Any and all feedback is welcome. I'm also providing a link within the soundboard that is downloadable and expandable, so that all the buttons are easily legible. Enjoy.

*Note, this was my first soundboard, but it has been recently updated to fix some display errors and also providing a link for people to download the soundboard. Again, enjoy.


Good idea

Hehe, that's a pretty good idea - call some random person and play SF saying "I like to caress rusty spoons..." Freak 'em out.
Of course, this is kind of limited. If you aren't into prank calling, you can't do much besides play those sounds, which will get old. But it must've taken some work, and it is an interesting activity. Good job!

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JerkyMyTurky responds:

I realized this wasn't an optimal soundboard for actually prank calling people, but I made it anyway for learning experience and because there are so many Salad Fingers fans out there (including myself).

Although, it might be able to get some calls working on Halloween, as people might just actually play along. That and maybe call a wholesaler who sells kitchen supplies and talk about "rusty spoons" for the majority of the call. I'd like to hear some calls with this board someday.


i love it when the red water comes out
one of my fav things

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JerkyMyTurky responds:

Ha, yea. Salad Fingers is great when it comes to saying things out of the ordinary.


YOur missing a person mary mandolin

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JerkyMyTurky responds:

Marry mandolin is going to have to accept my apologies. I made this board when there was only 4 or 5 episodes of Salad Fingers. There are so many new quotes in the new eps I would love to use, but the board is already loaded with buttons as it is.

I like rusty spoons!

It was great but the sides were cut off!

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JerkyMyTurky responds:

It's finally fixed.

Very very good

I'm mainly reviewing to save you some hastle, here everyone who wants the full size, the creator of this soundboard has this link for it..

kdkprankcalls - .com - /soundboards/boards - /salad_fingers_2. - swf and there you can see all the buttons fine.

Otherwise, this soundboard is absolutely brilliant. Good work.

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JerkyMyTurky responds:

Hey, thanks for trying to help out. I updated the soundboard with a direct link to download the flash file, so people can view it in full screen. I don't think that link works anymore anyway, so the direct link should be very helpful now.

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Oct 28, 2004
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