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This is my first soundboard*. It is based on the creation of David Firth. The soundboard works optimally at full screen. Links include David Firth's site, newgrounds' Salad Fingers Collections and a thread on ebaumsworld to discuss and post calls made with the board. Any and all feedback is welcome. I'm also providing a link within the soundboard that is downloadable and expandable, so that all the buttons are easily legible. Enjoy.

*Note, this was my first soundboard, but it has been recently updated to fix some display errors and also providing a link for people to download the soundboard. Again, enjoy.



next time youve gotta make bigger letters, i couldnt read a thing!

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That is a shitload of sounds, but make the stage size in flash bigger, than select everything and make it bigger, I couldn't read a thing. But it was pretty cool, scared a few friends..

a lil small...

can you make this bigger like the words cause i click on a word and i dont know wich word hes gonnu say and song 1 and 2 are the same so your gonnu need to fix that ok


i rearlly like this... i do love the music u made for tracks 3-14. you should think about making them into fdull tracks and submitting them to the audio portal... i think they would get high marks... i particulary like track 5.. tht would be a very good loop =p XD


that was rather amusing. Did you make up music 3-14?
cause i never heard that in the sf eps.

JerkyMyTurky responds:

Thanks for the review. You are correct, some of the tracks are not from the Salad Fingers series. They are from the Boards of Canada's album, which was sampled for this soundboard.

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Oct 28, 2004
3:13 AM EDT
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