Mario's 5th Element (1up)

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Some music video I made!! WOOT!
Mario and a koopa duel it out... Don't know why... Don't even know why Luigi is singing... WTF DID I JUST ANIMATE?!??!?! @_@!!!
;_; Enjoy!!

-Matthew Morandi(Yoshi-1up)


Omg... You're a genius...

Sound- The 5th Element song! LOL!!!!
Interactivity- Had enough! ^___^
Style- Mario!
Violence- Jusssssst right ;)
Humor-......................... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luigi's singing @_@!

You're a great animator and I'm looking foward to more of your movies! You're humour is awsome! Some mario movies are really lame now. Like "A Super Mario Story I" It's REALLY lame. (omg i must save the princess and I drew it! so i MUST get a good score because i'm sooo original!) And "Mario and Luigi Forever 1" good graphics BUT the story sucked AND theres nothing funny about it! Mario movies are suppose to be funny. Not just violent! IT WAS ALL VIOLENT!!!!!!!!!!! Too much overrated movies here. I mostly loveeee physical humour and timing, a lot of animators don't have that skill.

I enjoy your work and I hope you make more!
-------ps: LUIGIS BALLS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yoshi-1up responds:

Wow o_o; I'm glad you liked it! lol


Mario and a koopa are in a battle.

Thanks a lot.Now I can't stop watching it.

Yoshi-1up responds:

Really glad you enjoyed it!! :}

Don't forget to click on Luigi's balls! XD

Lol Matt!

You added the " BOING " to luigis balls, hahaha! Vote 5 XD LOL! Hahaha.. is that a subliminal message?!?! :O Anyway, i voted 6... buwhahahahahahahahaha! Now you will be doomed forever! You got 10 for interactivity because of touching luigis balls, and the song is cool!

***** - Excellent!

P.S. I am the simpsons AIM guy in disguise buwhaha, i bet your shitting yourself OMG L0L....!

Yoshi-1up responds:

LOL XD Hey man!! How's it goin????

I didn't know you could vote 6 :o
... HAXOR!

lol jk. Don't you just love his balls? :}


I loved the music and how luigi sang like a women.

I liked how mario and yoshi tryed to get the thing that had a coin.

Yoshi-1up responds:

Acually it was a koopa ^___^

helped me trough my day :)

this is just hilarous!
man u helped me trough my days with thas :)
now i see luigi as a dirffrent person xD
i allways knewed he had special feelings about... Mario.
i loved to klick his balls, too and u made me watch this 2 hours, just too hear the noise of his balls!
the music is well choosed , too. i couldn think of a better music to show luigi as a.... guy with a high voice. thx man we need more people like u, who still have the right sense of humour.

Yoshi-1up responds:

Hey! I love to help! :D
I'm glad you enjoyed this movie ^__^
Lol u clicked his balls! Congrats! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD And did u know that the "Boiyoyioyiyng" sound matches the song? Yay the note is in the same scale XD! And im very glad there is some people that love humor more than anything from these mario flashes.

Thanks for teh review!


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Oct 27, 2004
10:43 PM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 4th Place October 29, 2004