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10/28/04 - Woot, front page and Daily 4th!
Okay, Guys, THIS IS HARD! It's only 7 pictures, so I couldn't make it too easy.. what would the fun be? :P

HINT: Look for shadows (or lack there of), things switching position, objects missing and color changes.

READ MORE for explanation of in-game hints!

EXPLANATION OF HINTS: Ok, each hint I tried to choose 2 or 3 of what I thought was the most difficult differences. I'll fully explain the first hint. "LISTEN UP! don't LEAVE the SHADOWS" OK. 1)LISTEN UP; I would look for something that which involves listening. Perhaps a speaker, a mouth or an ear? 2) LEAVE; Well, what could 'leave' mean? I would look for something with a door, a window, or maybe even a tree or 'leaves'? 3) SHADOWS: Hmmm... this one explains itself.. Look for a shadow (or lack there of).
Find the differences in "scary" movie snapshots. NOTE: This is HARD!

Alright, this was just a little game I wanted to put out b/c Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Play on RG3 Entertainment to submit your highscore!

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween.


good game

good game ...
is a old movie of monsters ! rlz

Pretty good

Very good but i have a question, what movies did you get these pictures from? Im interested to finding some in a movie store and watch it lol

SecretAgentRege responds:

Sure, they are listed in the credits, but what the hell, here they are in the order they appeared (the title, followed by a few words about the pic, incase you forgot which pic was in the order):
1. Ernest Scared Stupid -- The ugly troll
2. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas - the Pumpkin King on the straw horse
3. Poltergeist - The chairs stacked on the table
4. Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Kruger's arms stretched out in the alley
5. (Stanley Kubrick's) The Shining - The bloody hallway mess
6. Exorcist III - The asylum with the woman crawling on the cieling
and 7. The Exorcist - The famed head spin.

The last three, I consider the best creepy/scary movies out of the bunch. Nightmare on Elm street is a good flick too. The first three are either comedy or pretty timid.

Have fun watching the flicks!

took me about a half an hour...

it was really hard, but i liked the groovy music that you put in there, and i liked the hardness of this. i will admit it was somewhat frusterating, and some of those hints didnt help much, but i got through the game. awesome game!


i hate you. Nice game even though i can't pass the first level ^^.


Omg I can't beat the fouth picture the one with the shadows and that guy standing with the super elongated arms...Ive found four of the differences but not the last...any hints?

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