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10/28/04 - Woot, front page and Daily 4th!
Okay, Guys, THIS IS HARD! It's only 7 pictures, so I couldn't make it too easy.. what would the fun be? :P

HINT: Look for shadows (or lack there of), things switching position, objects missing and color changes.

READ MORE for explanation of in-game hints!

EXPLANATION OF HINTS: Ok, each hint I tried to choose 2 or 3 of what I thought was the most difficult differences. I'll fully explain the first hint. "LISTEN UP! don't LEAVE the SHADOWS" OK. 1)LISTEN UP; I would look for something that which involves listening. Perhaps a speaker, a mouth or an ear? 2) LEAVE; Well, what could 'leave' mean? I would look for something with a door, a window, or maybe even a tree or 'leaves'? 3) SHADOWS: Hmmm... this one explains itself.. Look for a shadow (or lack there of).
Find the differences in "scary" movie snapshots. NOTE: This is HARD!

Alright, this was just a little game I wanted to put out b/c Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Play on RG3 Entertainment to submit your highscore!

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween.

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bit hard but... gr8

a little hard but it was okay

i agree, the first dude is a little bit hard but the game its entertaining and pretty original, i gotta say , good work, need some improving thought

Needs improving.

The game is quite original, but it has some things wrong with it.

- You need to play a level similiar times to find all the differences in a picture. You are not given enough time to inspect the photo. You canĀ“t memorize everything in 10 seconds.

- It is partly luck, because even if you find a difference in the pic, you have to click on the exactly right spot to get it right.

Otherwise this game was enjoyable.

Not bad at all.

So sad to see that you have mainly responded to negative or brainlessly negative reviews. I'll do my best to offer constructive criticism (as well as praise).

As others may have mentioned, the RIP splash screen does get a bit tiring after a while. Perhaps you could make it faster or put in a mini clip (no more than 1.5 seconds long) that may be shocking or scary. Also, though I understand the quality of online pictures isn't very nice usually, the graphics were low quality, though I could understand if you used a noise filter (you did use photoshop for the manipulation, correct?) to make the changes less obvious.

Also, rather than taking 1000 points off, if you have a high score table you may want to give, say, 5 tries per picture to gain points, and skip to the next picture if the differences are not found. -1000 points is a bit harsh, no? (not that points really mattered in this game...)

I liked the concept of the game and the difficulty was just a bit too much (still stuck on the Exorcist head turn one... just cant find anything aside from the door, missing picture, bed leg, and table leg. I assume that groove meant the door ones.

Congratulations and a great game. Kept me entertained for quite a while.

SecretAgentRege responds:

Well, I wouldn't say I respond either negative remarks or positive remarks. If someone writes a good review and/or put time into it, or asks a legitimate question, I feel they deserve a thought-out response. If someone brainlessly reviewed and put down either the work or myself personally, then they deserve a response as such. I read all my reviews and, unfortunately, "You rock" tells me about as much as "You suck," however, I feel more obliged to point out and humiliate the latter's online-persona [even if nothing more than make my online-persona feel that much more special] than to brainlessly enter "Thank You" to each positive. Negative reviews are great, if they tell me what they thought was wrong and/or how t could be better. Most of the time I try to explain why things were made the way they were to see if they would give it a second chance.

Now, you've written quite a nice review, positive or negative. To be honest, I made this game over a year ago, and the mechanics were a little off. Most of the things you mentioned as a nuisance are there only because without them the game would be too easy and thus worthless.

I do implore you to try the sequel here on newgrounds. There are two difficulties, which are infact two different game modes (same pictures, unfortunately). As far as I know, no one has been able to beat the "Hard" mode... perhaps next year I'll make it easier :)

Thanks for the review! Happy NG'ing.


dude there is only 3 things wrong with the first guy!i clicked on everything and there was nothing!!!wtf!

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Oct 27, 2004
2:37 PM EDT
Puzzles - Difference
  • Daily 4th Place October 28, 2004