Fake Metal Feelings

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Not really that satisfied with it. Was still struggling with drawing techniques and storytelling when i made it. It became an important piece for the rest of my work though



DUDE! I had so much work to do today, and now you ruined it with this peice of &*%$!

I take a 5 minute break, watch this stupid animation, fall asleep cause its so dam boring and cliched, wake up with my %*&#-nut boss glaring at me, almost get fired and for what??
Well so I can write this review and hopefully deture you from ever doing anything even remotely similar to whatever the hell this damn cartoon is supposed to be!

Have a nice day!

AloneInTheDark responds:

i expected a 0, but hey, a 5 aint so bad! See, there is this part inside your that really likes it. Admit it, you are in love with it

not bad

this flash, unlike many other flashes i see on new grounds had no blood, or extreme violence, what it did have was a plot and a theme. Robots are different, and dont fit in with humans. no one would really create a robot without a reason, they could be used for work, why was he just walking around in the city?
the background animations were quiet primitive looking, and some characters were the same, the rest of the animation looked "real".
your vioces were done great too. nice work


wonderful concept, but i couldn't find myself enjoying it completely... the voice acting was poor and not very convincing... and the animation wasn't quite realistic. but i love your style and your ideas are great. try working on the graphics and voices and you should do a lot better!


...the best part of the whole thing was that line while it loaded about jealousy... i guess it had good animations and sutff but all the impossible crap about robots having human emotions is really annoying to anyone that seriously knows about about robotiks.

i liked it tho.

AloneInTheDark responds:

Yes true. But what if it wasnt about a robot and it was just a metaphor of a lonely, different person?

retarded metaphor?

eh dude... you need help.
the way you animated the robots movement was rediculous. It was exagerated to the point where it was actually annoying.

The story... if it was a metaphor was still bad. If it wasn't a metaphor then please look into a creative writing class.

The one problem with good animators on Newgrounds is they're terrible writers. Maybe next time you should colaborate with someone so it doesnt turn out to be such a disappointment to the viewers...

critical yes, but will you listen? God I hope so...

AloneInTheDark responds:

No i wont listen. I will continue do things my way. If u dont like that, then dont watch my flashes, very simple eh? And many people liked this one, but also many hated it. I couldnt have asked for a cooler response from the people

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4.17 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2004
11:38 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 28, 2004