Fake Metal Feelings

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Not really that satisfied with it. Was still struggling with drawing techniques and storytelling when i made it. It became an important piece for the rest of my work though



A very good flash. Your one of my favorite artists and i love the style. There was one annoying thing that i cant get over though and that is the way the people walk in your flashes. Overall i like the emotion in the videos u make and i hope u stay on newgrounds forever. Keep it up :)


Beautiful my friend,beautiful.I'd have to say your my favorite author here on the oh-so lovley newgrounds.I mean,i've seen better animation,but you get some wonderful points across,and use creative symbolism.Keep it up.

the graphics arnt important on this one

the graphics arent important at all here. honestly, i think some of the things could of been improved like the way he walked. thas not the point though. this flash is awsome. its goin on my favorites list. there are so few flashes with meaning to them anymore. you kind of remind me of a modern edgar allan poe. he used pen and paper to get emotions feelings and meanings across to people, you use flash. only a few people probably understand this movie. they probably think your just remaking and revamping an old idea. it doenst matter hes a robot. its the symbolism. i love classic literature and shit, and this is the movie equivelent. keep up the deep meaningful stuff man.

a mix

once a robotics student said: robots may not feel untill we order them to but thy will feel goods like happiness and bads like hate, resulting in to... violence

Yet another great work of art

all of your works are incredible and i cant help but check them out each and every time in surf newgrounds. you seem to be the only serious flash artist out there that is worthwhile. the robot moving sounds did get a tad bit irritating but as long as i turned down my volume it was fine. please create more masterpieces.

huge fan


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4.17 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2004
11:38 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 28, 2004