Fake Metal Feelings

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Not really that satisfied with it. Was still struggling with drawing techniques and storytelling when i made it. It became an important piece for the rest of my work though


Robots make me giggle

I like the Robot. The way he walked made me giggle.

I know the intention was not to be comical, but the scene with the girl was a little funny too (I'm a girl and your... a robot!).

However, I do understand the overall message. It took a few viewings, but I finally got it. As usually, the artwork was beautiful. You really have a talent for this sort of thing.

5 outta 5 for you!

I love robot cartoons, and this one has become one of my favorites!

Grahpics: And strange paper looking, very good indeed, but I don`t like the movement of the robot, it was like a stick-made robot, but! all the drawings were well designed!

Sound: Well the soundtrack fits perfectly, but the voices need to be more loud and clear.

Style: This cartoon is the style itself!

Violence: a bit, the robot falls, and its violently hited by rocks

Interactivity: none

Humor: ...maybe none, it depends

Overall: 9! just for the sound quality! -1

Have you read Isaac Asimov's stuff?

It would probably interest you if not, and if you have read them, it's basically a ripoff of his ideas. I don't like the flash: i like the medium, but i disagree with the ideas. "look at yourself, you're a robot", it's too shallow, come on, this have been done the moment the concept of robots was first concevied(sp?). I don't like to say that because it a lame argument, but are you 12 y.o.? because i used to think about stuff like that when i was under 11 (i was reading Asimov Book of Robots and other stuff at this time).

So your movie's main idea is too shallow, nothing interesting here, it's all about discrimination, the girl could have said : "look at yourself, you are black/white/arab/christian/whatever" and it would be the same story, except for the ending, if i understand you: one is that the robot kills some guy, and the second is, i saw it like the robot used to be a man (the man with glasses), that would be interesting.

But im so tired of cliché robots, "the difference between man and robots is that robots dont have a soul and emotions and blah blah blah,come on, i have heard that forever since i was 6, there's nothing special about the human mind, except for the cogito, the couciousness of his existence (i think so i am) and even there, its all only chemical reactions, there is no magic, no divine intervention, only Na+, K+ , Cl-, C, Etc., atoms that move and mix. It's not any more mythical, magical, god-gifted than a TV, an eclipse or evolution of life. If anyone is interested about talking about that, send me a private message.

Finally, english is not my first language so forget me for the spelling and grammatical errors and the textual incongruities.

AloneInTheDark responds:

Personally i am not 100% happy with how this turned out either though. And no I havent read Asimovs stuff, I probably should some day. Its weird to see this as a ripoff of his work while i never read it.
The entire robot thing has been a little bit overdone lately, i agree. But you didnt quite get the flash entirely. The robot wasnt symbolised as people in general nor is it a story about discrimination. Its basically a simple story of a man so lonely and anti social that he is not much different from a robot. Unable to express his feelings.
The thing is that i made this flash a while ago. I try to not only improve on visual and style, but also on concept and artistic value. Watch through my ng work and you see how i learn new stuff with every flash. I love it


The way this touchs on human emotion and the way it makes you understand the robots feelings can leave you in awe.often times when I speak to people like me they have the same problems I do which tend to be alot like this flash it is incredible how accurate this can be for certain people.

oh and p.s. I have been watching your flashes since I saw your work in Stop Crying Your Heart Out the collab.

very unrealistic personalities

1. why is it in every flash, the bullies lines are incredibly lame, their voices sound like a geek and laugh like the kids in the special class?

2. why is it in every flash, the "beautiful woman" role acts nothing like a person. as if they have no personallity or judgemental thinking.

3. this film is just a stereotype

AloneInTheDark responds:

The thing is, that in this particular flash i was too focused on the concept and not so much on the execution. The characters in this flash are just there to set the atmosphere and sketch the situation. I didnt concentrate as much on acting and i know that was a mistake. I agree that the concept could have been executed better, but this is an important flash because i learned so much from it.

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Oct 27, 2004
11:38 AM EDT
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