Fake Metal Feelings

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Not really that satisfied with it. Was still struggling with drawing techniques and storytelling when i made it. It became an important piece for the rest of my work though


Really dug this. Thanks!!!

What a neat work. I dug the watercolor-esque backdrops, the story, most of the voice work... You should be proud of this work.

AloneInTheDark responds:

thanks.. i definately am


My daughter told me to watch this, (she's 15 and loved it), I'm glad I did! Great job on absolutely everything.

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AloneInTheDark responds:

Thanks alot man. Always listen to your daughter!

Very cool

It's very good. I love the message it's trying to get out. You really feel for the robot. Good job, thanks Alone!

Yes, you do have fans. :)>

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AloneInTheDark responds:

:) thanks man!

I wasn't too fond of it.

Daniel2k5, despite the fact that his name is bland, mediocre, and generic, is absolutely right. It's just not very good. I wasn't too fond of the animation style, and I didn't like the storyline too much either.
However, Daniel, you're thinking of the wrong flash. The flash you're thinking of is called "I Won't Forget", and it is quite similar to this one. Only that one is actually good.

AloneInTheDark responds:

This flash is nothing similar like 'i wont forget'. Saying that proves u dont understand this thing 1 bit at all. But you are still 14, so thats ok

Are you fucking kidding me.

I cant believe how emotional and introspective you idiots are getting about this movie.

It's a fucking softcore anime porn about a robot and a girl. "oh i'll never forget you" says the robot... the end.

Get a grip you maniacs. It's neither deep nor entertaining.
You all make me laugh.

AloneInTheDark responds:

please write the right review for the right movie next time dumbass. this isnt 'i wont forget'

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4.17 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2004
11:38 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 28, 2004