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Wow, i got so many nice reviews! COOL, i didn't expect to have so many positive views about my flash!
Thanks guys! You encouraged me to make more flash!


I've been on NG for 4 months already and this is my first ever personal submission! It took me 3 months to complete and i got help and support from lots of friends! Thanks to them!!! I hope you all can vote and review it fairly because i put in a lot of effort.


Prince Barbosa of Mandrake

dude that was so funny yet too short and...random.I know that some people will get all mad for me saying this but how can an ant lift up a couch/sofa it would've crushed it for sure. But oh well nice job it was a good yet random flash which is good in my book.

Great short...

Now this was good, and with an unexpected ending.
Though, I found the TV voices too annoying.

Pretty funny, and with a twist.

That's really it. Good for a laugh or two.

oh snap

Wow that was really good for a ''first ever personal submission.'' The graphics were really great and the animation was smooth. It was really original too, the ideas and events. Really cute too. Sorta short though, a quick solution, he killed the ant and that was that. Nice work.

Holy crap...

...origionality...on a first submission...i've never seen such a thing!
smooth graphics and sound all synced well=not blammed
congratulations, you successfully did not submit crap and did not waste all that hard work!

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2.93 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2004
11:54 PM EDT
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