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I love you,
even now i may confess,
some embers of my love their fire retain,
but do not let it cause you more distress,
i do not want to sadden you again.

Piconjo <3s j00, always.



(T_T)MINE ITCH TO LOL....jk jk but I am a fan of you piconjo and legendary frog...LoL anyway dont stop the confessions some are funny but this one was sad very very sad.....now go to ur "girlfriends".jk

That left me with a big fat question mark.

Did Piconjo actually write this one, or is Onizuka making this one and he's just on the author list?

It sounds like you're making fun of the conspiracy theorists behind the whole Piconjo/LF rivalry. If what's being said in this confession is actually true, then more power to you. If it's a sarcastic joke, you actually did a good job on the joke. It's much more intelligent than most jokes I've seen out of Piconjo's fanboys.

Either way, this movie pwnz just about every other Piconjo movie ever made, since it's either a really bold confession or a bold insult towards the general population of NG. I <3 j00 for this one... I can't believe I just did that.

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GreatAnimatorOnizuka responds:

Piconjo is teh god of NG, and eveyone <#s piconjo. LegendaryFrog = teh warty pen0r. say no to legendary toadie. be safe kidz, dont have too much amphibian secks without using protection.

and most importantly, always remeber that...

piconjo <3s j00 all.

;_; OMG...

...now THAT is the Piconjo that doesn't fear to show his Blinking Teardrop(TM) to the masses... That requires a lot of courage and I appreciate it.
Do you know that you're in my favourites? Yes, it may seem that you're the last one, but there's a trick: turn the monitor upside-down...

Spread the <3 guys, never forget what Piconjo said to you...

(1 in interactivity because I felt like you in the end while writing this review).


blatantly traced, but piconjo <3s me, so I <3 him ^^

brings a tear to the eye

that was beautiful, i said to my self that i wasnt going going to cry but i couldnt help it. its so sad lol nice work ciao

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Oct 26, 2004
11:31 PM EDT

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