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Tired of the same old mainstream trash music? Use this Flash to sample music you've most likely never heard of from various genres you've probably never listened to. Enjoy.

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good choice of tunes my homie. only why out of all the awsome punk bands did you have to put anti-flag up there? and blam honey is the shiznit..... SHIZNIT! ya....

Kolibiri responds:

Yes, this is quite old and I was rather new to punk at the time, so I thought Anti-Flag was WOO PWNZORS. If I made it know, you'd get someone like Misfits, TSOL, Subhumans, or any other good band.

good job

i knew a couple of the bands not bad could use a couple other bands but still very good.

Kolibiri responds:

Ah, why thank you.

nah man im not into da whole rock thing

see..i grew up listnin to N.W.A. Snoop Dogg Ice Cube etc so i know i wouldnt like this stuff

Kolibiri responds:

Ahh, if only there was rock in it...

great music

but Id heard most of it

Kolibiri responds:

Keep it up then good sir.

I like it

You got pretty good taste in Music. I liked it. Not very good Flash but great Music. Cool, that someone knows Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.

Kolibiri responds:

Thank you very much kind sir

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Oct 26, 2004
10:38 PM EDT
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