Internal Fires 8

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by csscblackbelt2000

Internal Fires 8- Halloween Version!

There is some information here that you should know before you watch the movie, so you may want to have it loading while you read this. I will go from most important to most obvious.

When you see the man being chased from one side of the room to the other, it is not a loop. What you have to do is push a button that appears on the guy who's sitting down's shirt in order to see the finale of this episode.

I am trying out something new this Internal Fires episode. I will not criticize anyone of my reviewers are attempt to make fun of them as I have done in my previous submissions. But then again, I do expect on your part that you review the way it was intended to. Say what you disliked, and say how it may be improved or made better.

This is the first Internal Fires that I have actually spent my time, hard work, and put a lot of thought into it. Please keep that in mind as you watch and enjoy IF8.

This is the IF Halloween edition!
I want my interactivity points!!!
Note, as you know, I am constantly experimenting. I will only respond positively to my Reviews. I am sure many of you are happy with this remark.



I would give up my life for you. You are my one true love. Mine own Internal Fire is the agony of being separated from your masterpieces. Oh how I long for them night and day. God bless you csscblackbelt, and may the world find peace and happiness through your works of art.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:


As long as I recieved my 10's I will continue making more Internal Fires (even if I don't get 10's I will still make them. As you and everyone else knows, there is no stopping me).

Thank you for all the...kind...words.

Good work my man!

I think that this is one of the best IF movies. And i've seen em all. good job, keep up the good work!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Thank you.

I actually put some time, effort, and thought into this one (though it still wasn't very much).

I will definately make more Internal Fires as soon as I can.



csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Thank you!

I got it now

Yep, this one makes sense since you explained how the movie works.

See, everything is clear now.

I still think the graphics could use a little more polishing though. But maybe that is your style.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

I am always glad to hear people actually understand the uniqueness of Internal Fires.

Yes, graphics may be a little low. I won't be changing them now though. Internal Fires wouldn't be the same.

thanks for the review.


what kind of drugs are you taking for this storyline to make sense? i'm guessing some serious glue huffage.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Storyline? Who said anything about a storyline. You must be new to Internal Fires. Yet, you still gave an acceptable review rating and I thank you for that. If you want to understand this series, you have to watch the series. What you are doing is eating an apple starting on the inside and working your way out.

I am sorry to inform you that you are incorrect; I am not taking any drugs.

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3.58 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2004
10:47 PM EDT