All Hallow's Eve

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You are all alone in an old house on Halloween. The dead have risen and want you ... for lunch. Can you stop them all?

The game may start slow, but stick with it. The carnage will become fast and furious in the later levels.

Update: You all conned me into it. Enough people asked for this, so I decided to add a save game feature. Enjoy!

Update: If the movie stops at 95% loaded, delete your browser cache. If that doesn't fix it, dump your cookies too. Thanks to Adam for finding this fix.

Update: I sped the zombies up a little bit, so if it's too hard now, blame all the people who complained that it was too slow. You may now also use space for your alternate weapon.

Update: 10/28/04 Front page! Thanks to everyone who has supported this game!

Update: I fixed a few bugs. Nothing major, but the game should run a little more smoothly now.

Update: I lightened the crosshairs, but they remain behind the enemies on purpose ... because so are you.


worst game of my life!

it gets a 2 because it had guns in it and blood other wise it sucked!

please fix

the save and load is broken, make the aiming a little better, other than that it was a perfectly balanced game, if you were to fix those two things it would make it an amazing game. please do it and i will be willing to play it allot.

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kind of a bummer, aiming sucks (it takes like 5 shots to actually hit them) and it gets annoying, other than that, its ok.

Aiming works fine

I got like a million headshots, maybe your all just bad, good game classic zombie shooter. If you do need to learn how to aim I suggest buying the .45 its powerful with a good size clip. Made an account just to comment this game I love the shotgun.

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Not worth playing

I can't give this game even one star until it undergoes an extreme overhaul.
1. Aiming. Just like everyone else says, it doesn't work. only about 1 out of 5 shots hits it's mark.
2. Upgradeing and buying. Well, if you could actually hit anything and keep them away from the house, then you might be able to buy something with what LITTLE you get. But instead, you spend all your cash on repairs that are NOT enough to fully repair.
3. Sound FX. Okay, I like the creepy ambeint sounds/music, and yes, all the "Night Of the Living Dead" Movies have zombies constantly saying..Brains! But it gets really annoying after about 2 rounds.

Overall...This could be a really good game. Just please work on the issues plauging it. Most importantly the aiming.

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4.16 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2004
9:07 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed
  • Daily Feature October 27, 2004
  • Weekly 3rd Place October 27, 2004