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UPDATE: Nice, a portal award, this is swell :).
The long awaited third (and most likely final) installment to the Alastor Collections.
Unfortunately, Alastor has left Newgrounds (and the internet) due to personal problems.
These flash animations are super swell.
We have all worked for a while on this collection, so please leave constructive reviews for us.
Alastor's Profile: http://www.newgrounds.


Random = great!

Haha again I love your style here, only you would think of something like this j00bie. I see you have some other collection flashes, you seem to have quite a knack for those =) So here is my constructive review:
Hilarious. End. But no how would I let you know how cracked up I was at this then? Well, First off I almost had a seizure at that flashing preloader and had a sudden urge to roll about the floor laughing when watching this, is there somehting IN this flash that hypnotizes people in cracking up? I'm beginning to think so! =O
Again I love the randomness and cut out heads of it all and those voices I love! They are so unenthusiasitc... and lacking emotion... lol xD.
Well you can probably tell I loved your random style again j00bie, hurrah for you!

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j00bie responds:


good music nice effects

made me horny

j00bie responds:

o yea babby

funny lol :-)

maybe i shouldn't laugh since he's a newgrounds bbs moderator

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D Chi

Would probably be funnier if I knew who Alastor was. Anyways, some of the movies seemed a little subpar for underdog but I felt the rich old disco guy made up for that.

umm ok :/

i'm looking through the reviews and seeing something like 1/20 abusive review scores on anything with an overall rating of 0, now since i know(and you know) this is less than a masterpiece the only other concussion is that you're using alt account(which explains how it got passed judgment) and/or your internet friends to save it from the blamming it so rightfully deserved. how can you say people are writting abusive reviews when infact your entire movie was devoted souly to the bashing of an indivdiual, so where does the line get drawn eh?

but it did well enough to get underdog, and that’s the worst part. i can look at the front page and list off a dozen movies that deserve that award over this mess so you can kids can laugh it up about making fun of a moderator on a forum that banned you, wow big deal. nice going guys you potentially took away an award like underdog from a movie that actually deserved it. so try to grow up and use your talent for something construction, not piety internet grudges.

j00bie responds:

stfu n00b

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Oct 24, 2004
10:07 PM EDT
  • Underdog of the Week October 27, 2004