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Alastor Collection C

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Nice, a portal award, this is swell :).
The long awaited third (and most likely final) installment to the Alastor Collections.
Unfortunately, Alastor has left Newgrounds (and the internet) due to personal problems.
These flash animations are super swell.
We have all worked for a while on this collection, so please leave constructive reviews for us.
Alastor's Profile: http://www.newgrounds.

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good times

this brings me back to the good old days. when hate-fueled colabs were commonplace in the portal. we need more of them these days, especially the ones that glorify our wonderful bbs moderators and all their wacky antics.

thank you and keep watching the skies.

You guys too?

Gee wilikers! I got suspended for to supposedly posting racist propaganda. I think his name was "---funk" or some stupid slave name. I hope to see more flash from you guys in the future. It's been a while.

this could make a great computer virus!!! >:)

lol.... i can see alastor is a mod .. i dont know him but if he is the one who banned me from the newgrounds chat then let him burn in hell >:)......this is a good movie it releases ur anger towards ur enemies and torture them..kinda satisfying..Wtf am i saying oh well......the one with alastor playing the guitar was down right crazy and funny..u americans r out of control if u ask me!!!!!

lol you overdone yourself

There are many other authors who are amazing....you are not one of them. Dont waste your time and dont watch it.


dude, your classic, that was funny as HELL. god, your the shit. gave it 5.