Where are the buns

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Where are the buns where are the buns WHERE



It made no sense and yet its still deserves an overalll 10.....
GREAT!!!!! I think.....

Absolutely hilarious!

I love it because it makes no sense and the tune is catchy! Good job, 5/5!

If some one takes a shit in the forest...

... does anyone hear it?

Oh yeah, and this flash was ok. Work on the length.

i hate newbground newbs

This was one wex movie, it was so awesome everything about it, you rock masterpabs, i hate when Newbs say retarded shit that makes no sense for example....

"Where are the buns? Where are the Buns? Not on Newgrounds. I'm sorry. That was absolutely awful. Find something better to do with your time. Like, watch a movie...or take a nice walk. Anything that isn't on a computer. Especially Flash." ............i think u should try making a movie and stop being such an idiot, once u make a good movie u can then say what u said u fucking losers

Really wasted effort here

Obviously some significant effort went into this, but the whole concept is poor, it needs music and a proper voice at least. Secondly, whoever at Microsoft created that awful artificial speech dealie should be shot.

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1.85 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2004
11:34 PM EDT
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