Massive attack (demo)

October 22, 2004 –
August 31, 2011
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Based on "defend your castle" games.
This is a version of a new breed.
I hope you'll like it, if it's a hit then I will make it bigger and better.


ok, the game is great, but it NEEDs improvement to be excellent. First thing: when you click it needs to cover more then 1 pixle, at least 16 pixles, second, bombs would be sweet. Another, is something that is more expensive and cool, i ended up with more cash then i could ever spend by level 20. Next, the game lag is terrible, at the end of the levels by about level 18-19 the lag is horrible, and by level 20 the game is unplayable. This needs to be addressed. This game is a good solid base for a very sweet game but first it needs these improvents. Thanks to everyone who read this review.

very good, but it would be cool if you like where dropping bombs, or shooting arrows from the castle, its a bit booring that nothing happens when you click :P

it wouldnt be quite as funny as defend your castle, and not that challenging, but still a very entertaining game, but make more enemies, 4 isnt enough! (5 if you count armoured tank)

its harder than other games ive played before. the archers dont seem to help as much. gets kinda crazy.

its a demo so i know things will be hadded but the princable is nice there are no bugs that i noticed i like it and look foward to the complete game

too samey all the way thru, and it only gets harder at level 13 but after that its ridiculous. and it kept lagging and had glitches, enemies appeared out of nowhere in front of my castle

a defend your castle clone, that is 100x worse than the orginal. wtf are u doing.

if 51 is the last level then i beat it. but if not there most have been some glitch i did. will it was an awsome game but i got bored and had to beat it. add more features on how to kill the enemy. like spells or some of your own soldiers crap like that. but nice flash game

The only flaw was that the Archers never seemed to hit anything.

Really fun game so far, wrist kinda hurts but whatever, only problem i had was randomly on some levels the archers would look like they were firing but wouldn't actually kill anything, and on a level like 25 without archers my hand started hurting really bad. Other than that though, lotta fun hope to see more upgrades and stuff in the future

Loved it, the difficulty of it was perfect. Can't wait for the full version (hopefully between level store and more upgrades)

And kastrell, there were no tanks. Only battering rams, and the archers were extremely valueble and worked good for me.

Only a few things tou can change,
1. Add a save//load (if you know how)
2. Ow my wrist//fingers hurt!!!
3. Buying items inthe level break.
4. dificulty?
5. items//powerups
6. Custom castle
7. different scenery
8. Thanks for making such a good game!

No need to make it bigger, I am on level 18 and was wondering...

WHEN DOES IT END!!!!!!!!!! Also I really love this game so all my 5 r belong to this w00t!

Seriosuly, people can't get enough of these DYC-style games. This has the potential to be better than Demonic Defense, though one of the things that makes both DD & DYC fun is the 'throwing' aspect, which I can't see how you'll implement with an overhead view. Graphics look good though, and you AS seems pretty clean (compared to DD, which is buggy as hell). Filesize is good, too, though you obviously haven't added the bulky stuff yet.
Just make sure you have plenty of available power-ups in the game, and you're sure to get daily 1st when you submit it (synj-permitting). Good luck with the development, and I look forward to playing the finished product.

Man that was a fun game. I know its the demo and you are gonna make it better so i won't suggest anything cuz you prolly are gonna put it in. I liked the simple interface and the upgrade setup. Make more semi-meaningful upgrades that don't effect things that much but they just make the game seem cooler and more in depth. Keep up the good work!

I like this game. I hope the full version is better, though. I would like to see melee units that can be deploy in front of the castle and fight the oncoming forces in h-h combat.

It doesn't start out as slow as the other games, and that's definitely a plus. It's also much harder to become 'invincible' like in the other games.
My wrist seriously hurts now, though, because you had to click a lot faster.
I hope there'll be a save feature in further versions, though, and a shop between levels.
I hope the full version will be out soon!

Oh man my wrist hurts like hell now. Very addicting game. Nice job I'm really looking forward to the full game. Like everyone else said: incorperate the keyboard...by the way I have no clue how to spell incorperate

Great game. Definately reminds me of "Defend Your Castle" but not in a bad way. An idea, if this hasn't already been suggested: Shortcut keys to repair the castle, reload the archers, use the special attacks, etc. it would make it easier to do that with keys on the keyboard than to move the mouse away from the killing of soldiers. Also, perhaps it would help to be able to more options for defense after the moat is finished. Loved the game, and did not think it was too hard at all. As for the archers, I thought they were effective, and helpful. Great job. If this is the demo, I am very much looking forward to the finished product.

- Sounds in general
- Enemies
- Castle features/upgrades

- Save feature
- Archers - do they do anything? Not effective.
- Enemies WAY too powerful.
- Why do some have spears, and others have tanks? Stick to one time period.

Overall I like, full version please!!

Really good, but make soldiers do less damage!

People with spears shouldn't be able to destroy a wall that quickly!!!

But really good. Make the full version! =)

that was great!! if u sed thats the demo i cant wait till the completed version comes out!

but you should take out the thunder and lighting, it makes everything screw up, and people start to skip forward like a mile.

Damn you. It is way to hard. At level 16,about 12 FUCKIN tanks or whatever attack you,and it is immpossible. Make it MUCH easier,and it will be good. Oh,by much easier,I mean less guys (especially horseman ) and make them slower.

That was fun. After a while, it got ultra-crazy, but it was fun. Make more dang it!!!

not bad, not too bad, but i think i have carpotunnle if my right wrist from your ame lol good game

Only make the enemy easier to click.
Spent more time aiming then clicking.
And stronger walls would help.

well come on with the sequel :P

the things that are bad is:

-archers (they wont hit anything)
-horsemen (they are strong and they will come in 3 of them that killed me easily)
-the walls (its easily breached)

if this is in it it would be probably much better

I spent hours playing this game whit upgrades and stuff it could be even better() personnal Hi-score is 763725 points and 17259 clicks () got to level 81 but got tired of playing () I LOVE THESE TYPES OF GAMES

it rocks it need to have more options like you can send out your own army you have horsemen and stuf too the stuf should be alit cheeper a hole lot cheep more enimies more upgrades... alot of stub but over all its perfect

Here are some ideas:
1 be able to make your own army i.e SpearMen And Horse's
2 More Castle Building Options like Cannons and guns

I can sue you for trying to kill my fingers. Anyway, went to level 40, then quit. Addictive game. Good job.

Loved it, got to about level 30 before I decided to quit, wasn't so much from difficultly but from my finger spasming out.

It would be cool if you could upgrade during the break as well as game play, especially on the upper levels when there isn't much time to go over to the castle, I loved the archers, got about 110 and then didn't have to worry about horses or little guys or even the wooden seige machines.

Hope you can make the real thing soon.

Oh yea, please add a feature to save your game.

IT ROCKS just needs a few chages tho liiiiiike dont make it so hard i mean like usaly by the 10th level of ANY game it isent that hard that and could u plz make it so that u make it so that every thing costs less i mean 3000$ for a trench COME ON arent ya exagerating?thats all for me!!

I played this for way to long; got bored right around level 20. :) Nice effort, nice graphics, okay sound. This game is a good way to pass the time.

This is a pretty cool game. the type of game has been done, but yours is different so i like it. the enemies do a little too much damage i think. i had just one guy destroy my entire castle. Its a little diffiecult to click the guys, but i guess that makes it more challenging. I like the idea of in-game upgrades. Make sure that the player knows that that is how they work, it took me a few rounds to figure it out. the top down view is cool too. Besides the difficulty, its a great game. keep it up!

my fingers cant keep up this game was kinda hard but good better than regular defense and i like the lightning

Good game. I have a few suggestions. Have more things to buy in the upper levels, all I could do was buy more archers and build up wall strength. I made to level 58, but by then by computer couldn't process all the enemies at once and would skip (I have a pentium IV). Also, it would be nice to add a save feature and even more powerful foes toward the upper levels. I hope these suggestions help.
Great demo.

I've found that on level 9 or so when I first bought the archers that the enemies would speed up and I'd automatically lose from not being able to click. Perhaps this is just me, but it would help if you could fix it.

make more.
with more buildings & upgrades.

too small enameys and MORE MONEY FOR EACH KILL PLZ

except not the in the top percentile of the best...its a very good game except for the fact that all u do is click to kill, very few upgrades...and u die too ezily...also...!!ATTENTION!! all you cheaters out there...at the game over screen right click and press play...more enemies come out...u can kill them then ur score will increase...after that right click again... more enemies come... keep doing it till u have the high score....thats something for u to fix, gijs! good game ill give u a five just to raise ur score...

Very nice for just a demo game. Add a few more upgrades especially a weapon upgrade for clicking. other than that everythings pretty good, Can't wait for the full version!

Make more!

Maybe some more expensive upgrades/repairs (like x10, x11 the cash). I was hoping for gators in the trench, or something like tar to slow them down even more. It's a good game, but add more goodies and this thing will be the bomb.

the wall hp fall down too quickly i think (he was alone) on level 5 so?...

i'm at
level 58
116400 cash
719000 score
3 napalm
10 nukes left.
85 archers.
9466/11950 wall

Um.... There was something wrong with that. Your wall hp went down way too quickly, and the archers did nothing—and, for me, I dunno for anyone else, every building (except for the archery, where the archers did nothing) didn't work.

Nice game... few things i didnt catch:

1- It seems like i couldnt build an archery even if i had 5000$...I had trouble building it and then i clicked and it appears...is there something that defend me to build archery before lvl 5or something?

2- Do archers actually happen to kill someone?

Was nice all in all, maybe too much clicking, my arm was hurting me after i play... 1091 click!

Maybe a bit too challenging...add some more upgrade or help like infantry walking against ennemy or lava pit or something...

Great demo, waiting for final exit!!!

i did find the game to be adequately challenging, a bit too challenging in fact, but overall it was great

Individual death cries from each unit, different units with different strengths, MADNESS GALORE!!! It was great!

One suggestion, though: more spells. Gotta make more spells, man!

And BTW, CoolDude69, BEAT THIS!

I got to:
Level 57
Cash: approx. 55000
Archers: 68
Nukes: none
Firewalls: none
Score: 573725
Number of Clicks: 14635

Keep up the good work, Gijs! :Þ

i got Level:53
Number Of Mouse Clicks:11741

Nice game you seem very skilled at these kind of games... make this better! oh but ill tell you some Glitches 1)around the top of the screen those strong army dudes go through the castle. 2)if i click on something JUST before the lvl end, the next lvl the archer bar frezzes and they don't killl as much and clicking the Reload button doesent work... other then those good job! your game might surpass the popularity of Defend Your Castle!

P.S:sorry about the sound score... i forgot to turn my speakers on...

very adctive, good job, very nice game

or so I've heard heh.5 Fo U!?

it's a really great game,iquit after level 50 tho,i had 70 archers 9900 health and 177895 and 90921 cash so its kinda easy, anyways try to make the repair your walls give you more health because it only gives you 2 health when you repair, anyways great Game!

i think im going to hunt down and kill the next person who puts out a game that tries to be like Defend Your Castle, cuz they just keep getting worse

The Graphics Were Fine.
The Style Was good too, but its been done.
Sound was also good.
There was a good amount of Violence.
The Interactivity Needs improvement: The enemy was hard to click after they start coming in huge waves and the castle was really weak. Also, it was hard to get upgrades fast enough to keep up with the enemy. The money didn't come in fast enough for me. And the archers didn't do anything I must of had 10 had they just sat there. And maybe a targeter on the mouse for looks.
Good Job.

i got 18650

Nice game, although my complains/complements listed below.
1. No area of effect/mouse upgrades/better attack units.
2. After level 36 gets really boring.
3. Once you hit about 150 archers...no difference between 50-150.

1. I like the style and the game play
2. The trench idea is great and the way you can upgrade when you want.

For all the people who say their finger hurts really are noobs.

lol, sooo much clicking! but a gRreat game none the less. i always saw my friends playing games like this one but never really got into it. this was addicting. all my 5 R belong to this one. great job! XD

Very nice stuff, fine graphics, good gameplay. Hard yet not too hard to do. I'm waiting for the full ver.
Keep it up, its great.

but some suggestions to make it even better...
1. Make it so that we can buy the things in between the level.
2. can you make it so as it won't be as much clicking?
3. more types of enemies.

The sounds are simple but sweet, same with the graphics. I really like this game alot.. It makes my hand hurt though.... so much clicking! I need a controler to play it.. les stress on my finger, more on my thumb.. lol. Mad props for this one. I love it. Simple, yet difficult, without being impossible.

This shit rocks. I love how the soldiers explode.

This is a piece of shit

DIVERSITY. I like the top-down view, and the fact that just clicking kills the guys, but this game has the same problem every other Defend game has: not enough options. All you have to help you kill things is archers. WTF? how aout some siege weaponry or something? Or maybe some upgrades for the player's weapon? It gets really annoying trying to kill 37 tanks and 15 elite troops when you have to click on them soo many times each. It doesn't help that I don't have a mouse pad, so my optical mouse isn't reading correctly... Player weapon upgrades would be *really* nice. Maybe upgrades for AOE and extra damage, so I can kill those stupid elite troops (which should be possible to hit when I've got 100+ archers--it's just silly that they can't) without having to click so many times. And how about getting money for archer and spell kills? Oh, and another thing about archers: it's nice to see the little arrows going out, but it's just stupid that guys randomly explode en masse. It would be nice to see archer arrows actually hitting guys and killing them or something to that effect. As it stands, I can't really understand the difference between 50 and 100 archers, other than that there are (probably) more arrows depicted. And why are the arrows so short ranged? I think they should be able to cover more area. And how about something that can hurt tanks maybe? It's annoying when that's all that's on screen...

you get no money when you use spells to kill guys.

could have been better a bit on the imposable side later... but cool non the less i got pretty far

It was a fun enough game. A clicker, but not quite as bad on the finger as others. It was interesting up until the game started lagging and enemy troops leaped half the screen without my being able to do anything - on low quality, nonetheless. Otherwise, was quite fun. Might I suggest sappers?

It's Quite origonal and fun, but could have more variety in the levels. I got up to level 34 but started to get bored. If you make a sequel then make the levels different. Hope to see a sequel though!
; )

Finally a Castle clone without being a castle clone, less options, and too carple tunnel syndrom enducing to be addictive. FIne for like 5 minutes but aftyer that EXCRUCIATIUNGLY REPETATIVE!!! and pointles once you buy like only 5 fucking upgrades. And all of those upgrades but one just buy like something so that you CAN buy archers and health. Man variety is the answer. Im glad I masterbated before this cuz im about ready to fall asleep after that straining game. Nothing new. If castle hadnt come round this game DEFINATELY WOULD HAVE BEEN IN EXISTENCE!! ORIGINALLITY! thank you goodnight.

Level 21
Score: 84375
Number of Mouse Clicks: 4533

No wonder...

The game was really addictive, but AT level 20 it became near-impossible... not that 20 levels of play time is bad :)
I think you can remove the "Demo" name from the title, this seemed pretty complete in my opinion, and should be recognized as such, unlee you're going to expand upon this... a save feature and a campaign mode would be nice :P

wish it was easier to hit the guys... use a target (maybe a tracer beam) instead of the usaul mouse icon, plz. everything else it good :)

i had some free time so i played this. the last guy sucked cuz i got to level 32. archers do help if you have like 50 of them. you need to make the health repair more tho. that was what screwed me. over all it was really fun. i recomend this to defend your castle fans.

Awesome Game I love it, I made it to levle 15, please make it "bigger and better !"

the number of mouse clicks i did! my right hand is killing me! this game is awesome, dooooooood! whats the complete version going to be like? 2 THUMBS UP!!!

I think making a trench helps a lot, archer do nothing and make sure you are able to repair. Made it to level 11 before I got owned.

This game was really very good. At times it could get kind of monotonous, but overall, very nice. The dark immagery was very nice, i liked it much more than the cartoony stickman graphics of Defend your Castle and Demonic Defence 3. The game could use more diversity though. More enimy types (enemy wizards? sappers?) more spells (targeted fireballs/lightning strikes? summoning spells?) more upgrades (library, use it to buy more spells? bomb making factory, lets you place landmines?) I like the topdown concept though, and with a little polish and variety, this game will shine.

Dude this game was way to hard i cant get past level 11

Played until level 35, when it started to lag...

Great fun, maybe add a couple new enemy types.

this was a great game. i love these "defend your castle" game things. keep it up!

To freakin' easy to lose! TO EASY! I HATE YOU! Waaaahhh!!!

It's like defend your castle but it has it's own style. You should make more.

Excellent game! It's very reminiscent of that 'defend your castle game' I had to stop at level 24 before I contracted carpal tunnel syndrome. =)

Awesome game. I love defend your castle, and this is quite a bit like it. It would be better if the back ground wasnt black, I found it hard to see what was happening. But that could be because of the sun on my window.

I made it to level 11 and it had a good time. I hope you continue developing this game as it's really promising.

It's good but it takes to many clicks to kill catapults.

I didn't really like it since it was kind of hard since like 1 knight got up to my castle and took off 50 health by the time i killed it and all of the guys around it.... I lost at level 10, and I'm usually pretty good at these games..... So just make enemies do less damage, get more $ from killing enemies and then you should have a pretty good game.... AND EXPLAIN WHAT THOSE MAGIC ABILITIES DO IN THE DIRECTIONS!!! I WENT ON FOR 8 LEVELS WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THEY DID!!!

only problem I have is the lightning sound... after the thunder it would lag and I wouldnt be able to kill any of them for afew seconds so there would be abunch of them sitting at me wall.

But i'll basicly agree with darknezz1...
Needs improvement and well once a few f*ckers get near your wall the hp bar drops like hell...
Other than that its good. I liked the atmosphere ingame (but I guess thats because of the sweet torches on the castle walls :) )

Its good but the troops are to strong the basic soldier tears down your castle in seconds they are really overpowered.

Ok for one thing....the weakest unit should not be able to kill you castle in a matter of 5 seconds. but yeah overall good game also I like the 3D over head style.

A tutorial explaining how to use those insta-kill items would have been helpful instead of learning that those will save you from death by accidentally clicking on one. ~_~ This game also lacked balance in the amount of people attacking you versus how much you have to spend on defensive archers and whatnot. Its a great game though, it just needs a little bit of refinement.

there is no save button so whats the point in trying to get farther

nice game but filter out the bugs (like some guys being able to hit on long range :s) and ass more items to purchase.
Oh yes I got to lvl 75, then I quit because my hand hurt to damn much :) and 651950 was my score and I had 16196 mousclicks, my hand hurts really bad gotto go massage it or something you should warn us for the health danger =)


its getting so boring

after level 15 i just quit 'cause my hand hurts...

i hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fucking hamnd hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa man this is the shit because I played this for about 2 hours and I got to like level 40 and then I died but It was fun. You should put more upgrades and spells then I'd give it a 10 anyday!

i like this one quite a lot, i think it will be excellent if u add more things to help defend, like perhaps add swordsmen outfront to do battle with men before they get to the wall, or allow you to upgrade your archers so that they can fire more accurately and more effectively.

but its still a very gud game

ncie i loved this it is the best game i have played of this type plz make it bigger and better

But there are so many games like this, unless you come up with something revelutionary (e.g. something that works great and has a great impact on the game to make it more fun) still its a decent game.

Negatives: you didnt even code the archers, i mean damn common they just shoot around a little by the moat and it dosent even hit any enemies. also not enough variety and its WAY to easy.

It was cool.
Then again I always was a fan of the Defend your Castle series.

It stopped working for me on level 48, everyones dead and they archers have been sitting there shooting at nothing for like 10 minutes lol.

Cool!! i got to about lvl 23 before they started damaging the castle, but they do like 0.0001 damge lol
Good work

LOL i spent an hour playing it isn't the best game of that type but it is very adictive!! i stoped playing at level 27 with over 70 archers

I just loved it, especially the fact that the file size is incredibly small for a game that is fascinating. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of your work.

ok... so my finger is bleeding out, because of the exsesive use i just put it through... but by the time i finally gave up(level 33)... i wasn't doing a damn thing... what a shame that there wasn't more to this game?....

but you can't buy lots of new things the gameplay doesn't change the enemies stay the same, and do the archers ever actually hit something?

The gameplay gets pretty redundant after round 30.. plus I think I got carpal tunnel from all the clicking I did. Its good but I suggest adding a few things to it, such as more items like mines or cannons, and add a few new enemies as well; maybe some ranged.

New breed, eh? Why then does it play exactly like every single castle defence game on newgrounds? The graphics are nice, but the gameplay is boring and uninspired. Make something original and get back to me.

No sale!

damn good game, but it got kinda easy once you have a full trench and 50+ archers, nothing could cross the river but the big red guys. also at one point i let them cross but they wernt doing any damage......

Quite good game... but gets boring after a while. Maybe you could make upgrades for the archers... like make them crossbow and make them gunners! maybe build a catapult somewhere so theres a little splash damage to kill more.

Level : 54
Cash 279600
Wall: 8350
Archers: 168

If you want proof mail me :P hehe

Only saw two problems though...

1. Upgrades and other stuff keep running while reaching the next level.

2. The big red guys with big swords don't die from archers, trust me, I got over 100 of them wipping everything out but them...

Great game! played it for a long time, on higher levels there are much flow's 0_0 your hand 's gonna tickle a bit and your eye's hurts a bit with some luck i got to 21 without a scratch my secret is 'fucking much archers!' u've gotta make more of these game's
cause they rock!

Greetz toothbrush

It didn't thrill me. It wasn't very difficult at all and it got very old very quickly. Maybe if there was a wider variety of enemies, a greater number of them, and maybe throw a little Massive Attack music in there. That's pretty much why I clicked on this thing anyway.

There is, however, one HUGE flaw. When I decided to quit, I let the invading army try to destroy my wall to see how long it would take or something.
But they couldn't do it. They barely put a nick in it. It was like a hundred guys. After about two minutes, five archers fineshed them off.
You gotta make it so I can lose.
Just so you know for when you start working on the full version.
Assuming you make the full version.
Because if you do, it'll probably hit the front page.

Loved the game,but at level 28 got sick of it and i quited .... that took some of my time but still its cool

that was awesome

...and surely there is a hunger for more of this. but after i got up to 60 archers the game started to slow down and didnt run smoothly anymor. perhaps something could be done about that.
kikke man.

i started plying this within 5 seconds of it being posted and yes i know im crazy but i played it until the start of level 51 as soon as lvl 50 ended i recorded my score here it is
moat lvl-3
castle health-6000
repair shop purchased (NEVER USED)
my ideas are to have a health bar that reads ****/whatever
so you would know what exactly your health is and also to raise the price of archers to 600 instead of 500 it will work out better in the long run

please respond with some comment thank you

i only got to level 22. those enemies are easy they didn't even touch my castle however they manage to hurt my finger for clicking

Don't know the original games, but this is pretty cool. I actually enjoy the bug? that makes the cannons protect your castle :-)
Please make this an option in the real game. My brother at 8 loves these games where you kill lots of people, but doesn't like to stress about it :-)
And that thunder and ligtning gives a great atmophere.

That rocks! You have got to finish it!!!

I got to level 10 without a single enemy even so much as touching the castle

make a custom cursor so its a crosshair(check the tutes on ng)
spred the guys out more there to easy2 kill in a straight line and make them a bit bigger but instead of on click for the weakest make it 2.
do that and you might have front page material.

...but the constant clicking grated a bit, as did the lightning flashes. The top-down style worked well. Also, I made it to Level 8 (It kept me occupied well!) but about 6 of them finally made it to my walls and it took them about 4 seconds to destroy it! The wall went down far too easily, but apart from that it was a decent game. Well done.

yeah like i said this is a pretty kool game i really like the lightning effects and good luck on the final version

letsee, i think you might wanna boost the money you get for each enemy defeated. and the enemies went from super easy, to clickcrazy when the level hit 8. and there's something wrong with the archers, only one fired when i bought 4. other than that, great game!
i can't wait!

Really fun to play. I hope the real version will have upgrades and stuff, because those are always fun.

Seems a good concept, but gets repetetive very fast.

Put more time in to this and it shall be a gaming experience like no other.

i liked it but you need a few things 1) instructions screen 2) pause button 3) sound button (not really necassary but something to think about.) other than that, it was pretty neat.


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